Coffee (weather)

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For other coffee weather types, see Coffee 2 and Coffee 3s.

Coffee is a weather condition introduced during the first round of the Coffee Cup.

During games played in Coffee weather, players can be "beaned". The first time a player is beaned, they become  Wired, adding an additional 0.5 to any runs they bat or run in (for example, a Wired batter hitting a single with a Wired runner on third would result in a net 2 runs being scored). The second time a player is beaned, they lose the Wired modification, replacing it with  Tired; instead of adding to runs, they instead subtract 0.5 runs in the same way. A third beaning removes the wired modification, priming a player to become Wired again upon the fourth.

Game Log Text

First beaning:

[Player] is Beaned by a [Quality] roast with [Flavor]. [Player] is now Wired!

Second beaning:

[Player] is Beaned by a [Quality] roast with [Flavor]. [Player] is now Tired!

Third beaning:

[Player] is Beaned by a [Quality] roast with [Flavor]. [Player] is no longer Tired!

Roast Qualities

  • Blonde
  • Cinnamon
  • Double
  • Espresso
  • French
  • Full city
  • Half city
  • High
  • Light city
  • Medium
  • Medium dark
  • Single origin
  • Second crack

Roast Flavors

  • Big-bodied milk chocolate
  • Body and butterscotch toffee
  • Candy-like sweetness
  • Caramel
  • Complexity and depth
  • Dark chocolate and toffee
  • Delicate balance, flavor and body
  • Extra dimension
  • Grass-fed butter
  • Hints of lavender
  • Rich, velvety chocolate
  • Serious heat
  • Strong citrus notes