Dickerson Morse

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Dickerson Morse was a player in the Shadows for the Seattle Garages, and was with the team from the Season β22 elections until Fall Ball. Morse has previously played for the Kansas City Breath Mints, Dallas Steaks, and Atlantis Georgias.

Official League Record

Morse joined the ILB as a lineup player for the Kansas City Breath Mints with the Return of Blaseball.

On Season β6 Day 14, Morse siphoned some of Canada Moist Talkers pitcher Ortiz Morse's baserunning ability in a game with Blooddrain weather.

On Season β8, Day 62, Morse was exchanged to the Dallas Steaks due to Feedback. Morse was replaced by Marco Stink.

In the Season β19 elections, Morse was exchanged to the Atlantis Georgias as a result of the Georgias' Equivalent Exchange will. Morse was replaced by Wyatt Mason IV.

On Season β20, Day 80, Morse retreated to the Georgias' Shadows in exchange for Goobie Ballson as a result of the Atlantean Dome's Fax Machine.

Morse was traded to the Seattle Garages' Shadows with no replacement during the Season β22 elections via the Gachapon blessing.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.


Morse has been tapping a message on his shoes in Morse code as part of his warm-up ritual. This was only recently noticed, and the message is as of yet incomplete. The speed and complexity of the code has led to several interpretations.

Morse cuts the sleeves off his jerseys to better accommodate his large frame. When Mints management offered to make custom sleeveless uniforms, Morse reportedly responded with "It's about the process, the act of creation".

Morse currently holds the Internet League Blaseball records for bench press at 415 kg.

Morse prefers any song by Tap Dogs for his walk-up music. He says the soothing rhythms remind him of his time working in a telegraph office, many years ago.

Side Work

When not batting, Morse works a side job as a private investigator. The majority of his time is spent investigating shoe thefts after Charleston games. He has self-published his early exploits, which he sells at the Steaks Pro Shop to support Youths Without Rhythm. Each volume costs $5.99 or 60 squats: Dickerson Morse and the Case of the Missing Mint, Dickerson Morse Gets the Boot and From Bad to Morse.

Fan Works