Solar Eclipse (Silver)

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Solar Eclipse (Silver) is a Weather condition introduced in Season 2.

During games played under Solar Eclipse (Silver), there is a chance for Knight Umpires to rule in favor of players, boosting their attributes. Knight Umpires can also swear at a player, which causes the player to become Shadowed and gain the Knighted modification, while a Shadows player is called forward to take their place. If there are no Shadows players then no Shadows player is called forward.

The former effect was first seen on Season 2, Day 18, when a Knight Umpire ruled in Agan Espinoza's favor; the latter was first seen on Season 2, Day 12, when a Knight Umpire swore at Letitia Diop, who then embarked on a Side Quest. Arugula Hadji clocked in.

Players can also parry a Knight Umpire's swear. This was first seen on Season 2, Day 6, when a Knight Umpire attempted to swear at Winnie Hess.

It appears that the Knight Umpires ruling in favour of players only occurs to players who are on Teams that have the Force Modification, who also appear to be unable to be targeted by the Knight Umpires swearing at them.

Game Log Text

  • A Knight swears [Player]! They embark on a Side Quest!
  • A Knight Umpire rules in [Player]'s favor!
  • [Player] parries a Knight Umpire's swear!