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This page is about the End Zone Destination on the Map in Season 24. For the Ballpark Modification, see Event Horizon.

For the Coronation Era weather, see Horizon (weather).

The Horizon is a location in Blaseball, first alluded to by Lōotcrates at the beginning of Season β20. On the Map during Season β24, it was located at (1, -1). It is associated with the Black Hole (Black Hole).


Expansion Era

The Horizon's first mention was in Season β20, from a statement by Lōotcrates at the beginning of the season:

"From the safety of the Delta
The Historian eyes the Horizon
Humming a familiar Rhyme."
"A Sun Set.
A Second Day.
A breaking Dawn."

Lōotcrates would mention the Horizon, amongst cryptic tidings and veiled criticisms of the Coin's management, in every end-of-regular season speech afterward as they announced the season's MVPs:

On Day 99, Season 20:

"Golden Hours
A trail of Embers
Dark Horizon"

On Day 99, Season 21:

"Awaiting Horizon"

On Day 99, Season 22:

On the Horizon, an Event
A Constellation Opposes Rising Stars"

On Day 99, Season 23:

"Events Horizoned
And Beyond
An Archipelago"

Season 24

The Horizon was revealed on the Map following the Earlsiesta, when Sun (Sun) Supernova collapsed into a Black Hole (Black Hole) and Pulsar (Pulsar). The Black Hole (Black Hole) appeared in the bottom left corner of the Map, in the Horizon quadrant. Teams could Navigate to the Horizon, with the Ohio Worms the first to reach it. Unlike the first teams to arrive at the other End Zones, the Worms received no message due to there being no Entity associated with the Horizon.

The Black Hole (Black Hole) would become agitated when teams scored 10 runs under it, eating and Nullifying Items, Renovations, and League-wide Modifications. It also ate the Philly Pies[1] on Day 79.

On Day 82, following the Rogue Hades Tigers' incineration of the Coin, the Black Hole (Black Hole) immediately consumed and Nullified the Baltimore Crabs, the Miami Dale, Ohio Worms, Tokyo Lift, and Mexico City Wild Wings who were all positioned at the Horizon at the time. Teams with Nullified teams as their opponent would automatically non-lose the match, with the game cancelled.

The Hawaii Fridays were Nullified by the expanding Black Hole (Black Hole) on Day 90, while trying to complete a "skateboard trick". Despite being in the Horizon quadrant at the time, they retained the Rogue modification from the Hall at the season's conclusion.

The Black Hole (Black Hole) continued to expand until Day 99, when it had expanded across the Map's entirety. The five teams which were nullified at the Horizon (and the previously-Nullified Philly Pies) all received the Entangled Modification.

Coronation Era

Blaseball's return was preceded by the Fall Ball, in which players fell from the Black Hole (Black Hole) onto various teams. All games in Season 1 were played in Horizon weather, with players continuing to fall and end up Buried in the field (or colliding with and replacing a player on the active roster).

Following the opening of the Forbidden Book, the six Entangled teams were discovered to have immunity to Alternation by the Mage Umpire in Solar Eclipse (Red) weather.

  1. incredibly, this was despite the Pies being the only team in the League with the Avoidance modification, which would have stopped them from swinging once they scored 9 runs. Unfortunately, a 3-run home run by Jefferson Delacruz, off a Magnified Magic team's pitcher, provided the necessary 6 runs on top of the Pies' previous four.