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Entangled is a Player or Team Modification, first seen as a result of the Earlsiesta Reading in Season β17.


Players on Teams with the Entangled Modification will not be targeted by Mage Umpires for Alternation in Solar Eclipse (Red) Weather. They are also the only players able to receive the Mage Umpire's favor in Solar Eclipse (Red) Weather.

In Beta, Entangled Players would have their Alternate called when returning from Elsewhere, randomizing their stats. During the Fall Ball, this interacted with the Receiver Modification which would replace Receivers with a Static player instead. Sixpack Dogwalker and NaN, who fell to the Entangled Philly Pies and Ohio Worms respectively, Alternated and were replaced by Static players Dimi Wobbler and Nathaniel Wilds in this manner.

As Alternate has never been seen as a Team Modification, it is unclear how Entangled would apply to them. Futhermore, as Entangled has never been seen in effect as of Season β24, all effects are assumed.


Necklace of Entanglement

Entangled was first seen in Season β17 as a result of the Earlsiesta Reading, during which Jazz Hands player Baby Doyle received the Uncertain Necklace of Entanglement:

    • + Uncertain Necklace of Entanglement
    • +  Entangled
    • +  Uncertain
    • Overall 15.7 -> 15.7 + 0.1

However, during the Season β17 Endseason Doyle became an MVP and received the  Ego+ Modification, holding them in place during Flooding, preventing them from being swept Elsewhere, and therefore preventing Entangled from being activated. Following this, in the Season β18 Elections, the Jazz Hands voted to move Steph Weeks' Careful Fireproof Bat via the Item Move Will, causing them to drop the Uncertain Necklace of Entanglement.

The Horizon

Entangled did not appear again until Season β24, when Teams located at (1, -1) on the Map were Nullified by Black Hole (Black Hole) after the incineration of The Coin, and as a result received Entangled. This coincided with the following message:

The [Team] were Entangled in the Black Hole (Black Hole)

The following Teams received Entangled due to Black Hole (Black Hole):

After Black Hole (Black Hole) began to expand, no additional Teams received Entangled. This could be attributed to the fact that teams entering Black Hole (Black Hole) were immobilised, and therefore could not reach (1, -1).

After the Return(s) of Blaseball, teams that had received Entangled in Season β24 retained it with a new description.

This Team Was Entangled. Official Review Pending...

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