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This page is about the Ballpark Modification. For The Horizon Destination in Season 24, see Map#The Horizon.

For the Ballpark Modification with parallel effects under Sun 2 weather, see Solar Panels.
For the Coronation Era weather, see Horizon (weather).

The Event Horizon is a Ballpark Modification that prevents the runs from the first play that would activate a Black Hole, and instead converts them to unruns in the next game played by the opposing team.


The Event Horizon is a Renovation that prevents the first play that would trigger a Black Hole, keeps those runs, and converts them to Unruns for the team's next game. The number of runs saved is equal to the number of runs scored in that play, so if a player scores 4 runs, those would turn into 4 Unruns in the opponents next game. This effect only triggers once, and the next time the score would cross 10, the Black Hole activates normally. The Unruns apply to the opponent, regardless of if they play in the same ballpark for their next game.

To use a slightly simplified example from Season 24, Day 21; Enid Marlow hits a home run, scoring two runs while the score is 5-9. Rather than the score increasing to 5-11, those two runs are converted to Unruns for the Magic's next game and the score remains at 7-9. Later in the game when Pedro Davids scores another 2 runs, the score moves to 5-11, and this time activates the Black Hole as normal, moving the score to 5-1. In the Magic's next game in a new stadium against a new team, they begin with two Unruns, starting the game at -2-0.


The Event Horizon first appeared in the Season β13 Earlsiesta as an available ballpark renovation.

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