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Andrew Solis was a lineup player for the New York Millennials and was with the team from the Season β20 elections until Fall Ball. Solis has previously played for the Houston Spies and Ohio Worms.

Official League Records

Solis joined the ILB as a lineup player for the Houston Spies with the Return of Blaseball.

On Season β6, Day 51, Solis was exchanged to the New York Millennials due to Feedback. Solis was replaced by Valentine Games.

During the Season β9 Elections, Solis gained the Fire Eater modification as a result of the Forecast: Eclipse decree.

During Season β15, Solis was attacked by Consumers once.

During Season β16, Solis was attacked by Consumers once.

Solis was traded to the Ohio Worms in exchange for Kichiro Guerra during the Season β18 elections via the Millennials' Equivalent Exchange will.

Solis was traded back to the New York Millennials in exchange for Kichiro Guerra during the Season β20 elections via the Millennials' Equivalent Exchange will. Solis then gained the Undefined mod as a result of the States of Play blessing.

On Season β21, Day 104, Solis retreated to the Shadows in exchange for Sandie Turner at New York, New York Arena, Arena via the Ratified Voicemail.

On Season β22, Day 74, Solis rejoined the Millennials' lineup in exchange for Evelton McBlase II at New York, New York Arena, Arena via the Ratified Voicemail.

During the Season β22 elections, Solis gained the Negative modification as a result of the Lineup Flip blessing.

Over the course of Season β24, Solis entered and exited the Millennials' Shadows two times as a result of New York, New York Arena, Arena Voicemail events, ending the Season on the lineup.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.


Andrew Solis is frequently in the headlines for his antics outside of the court of blaseball, but when the umpires gather and blaseball is upon us, you can see a clarity his eyes that tells you that no matter what media circus or unsubstantiated rumour may come, his actions are all ultimately for the good of his team. As a result of his trade, his actions now serve the New York Millennials, but he maintains a kinship and care for his former teammates on the Houston Spies.

Early Career

In his early Blaseball career, Solis was a polarizing figure. While he showed extraordinary promise as a rookie, he was known for his unsplortsmanlike conduct right after finishing a game. He would regularly avoid simple interview questions by asking his own questions such as, "What is this place?", "How do I get back home?", and "Did those umpires just kill a guy?"

Recorded off-field interviews with Solis are noticeably uninformative. Despite him clearly excelling in the splort, early interviews with Solis mainly consisted of interviewers having to explain the basic rules of Blaseball to them. Other interviewers had to explain the other natural occurrences of the Splort such as The Grand Unslam and the Wyatt Masoning. These interviews would be later used as educational materials to help younger splorts fans understand Blaseball.

"Baseball" Controversy

Solis made headlines when he began practicing the ritual "sport" of "Baseball" during Season 2's offseason. This apparent ritual involved equipment such as a "bat" (A wooden facsimile of Blaseball's ████) with an oversized glove and ball made of a material similar to a Blaseball glove. When asked about the origin of these unusual implements, Solis replied, "They were with me when I ████ into the ████."

Solis has claimed that these rituals are "Practice" for the next season, and that these rituals are "Harmless". The investigation into these claims is ongoing.

Personal Life

While his rookie year antics are famous, little is actually known about their personal life. What is known comes from the book, Andrew Solis: A Biography by Anonymous. The only known copy of this book appeared on the circulation desk of the Battin' Island branch of the New York Public Library shortly after Solis's entrance into the Millennials' roster. The book contains mostly redacted pages; notably, only the introduction is currently readable:

You just met Andrew Solis, and he is already your friend.

Andrew Solis knows how to program a VCR to show the correct time.

Andrew Solis is the person at the bonfire who knows how to actually start a fire.

Andrew Solis can draw a perfect circle.

Andrew Solis remembers your birthday.

Andrew Solis always tips more than 25%.

Andrew Solis can open a beer, even if the pull tab breaks off.

Andrew Solis can find a stud without a stud finder.

Andrew Solis is the person your Grandmother always refers to when she asks, "How's your little friend?" with a knowing look. You secretly wish you were more than friends.

Andrew Solis is great with kids.

Andrew Solis always has a shoulder to cry on.

Andrew Solis has great hair.

Andrew Solis knows why he "just looks so familiar", but he can't tell you.

Romantic Relationship

Following his trade from the Houston Spies to the New York Millennials in Season β6, Solis became quick friends with then-Millennials captain Dominic Marijuana. The two were often seen in public together on and off of the field. Public sightings would later suggest that the two had entered into a romantic relationship shortly before Season β7 began. When asked about the nature of their relationship, Solis simply said, "I'd like to keep my personal life private." Mutual admissions of deeper feelings were reportedly shared shortly before Marijuana’s incineration due to Instability on Day 59 of Season 7. Solis has elected not to comment on the rumors of Marijuana's "sightings" since incineration.

Fan Works

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