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Dominic Marijuana was a lineup player for the New York Millennials, and was with the team from Season β1 until being incinerated on Season β7, Day 59.

Official League Records

Marijuana joined the ILB as a lineup player for the New York Millennials with the Return of Blaseball.

On Season β7, Day 59, Marijuana was incinerated and replaced by Charlatan Seabright.

During the events of Season β10, Day X, Marijuana was raised to join The Hall Stars. Following The Hall Stars' victory over THE SHELLED ONE'S PODS, Marijuana was Released from Internet League Blaseball.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.


Survivor's Guilt

On Day 14 of Season β3, at 4:20AM, a rogue umpire attempted to incinerate Marijuana. Knowing that he was integral to the team, Chorby Soul pushed Marijuana out of the way of the incoming blast and was hit by it instead. There is wide speculation that the umpire had taken umbrage with Marijuana's habit of smoking on field. Marijuana has since been haunted by this, impacting his performance in the rest of the season.

Statistics Scandal

Midway through Season β2, hackers unceremoniously leaked Marijuana's player statistics on Twitter.[1] The Commissioner was quick to respond "Reported"[2] to the Twitter user who first broke the story, but no consequences seem to have come from the tweet.

When asked about the incident, Marijuana responded, "Haha, mostly I'm just glad to know I'm not deceased."

Personal Life

Marijuana was the grandson of Randolfus von Marijuana and the older brother of Randall “Randy” Marijuana, who played for the Hellmouth Sunbeams, and later for the Breckenridge Jazz Hands. His brother was incinerated in Season β6.

Following the trade of Andrew Solis from the Houston Spies to the New York Millennials in Season β6, it was rumored Marijuana and Solis had become quick friends, often seen in public together on and off of the field. Public sightings had also suggested that the two entered into a romantic relationship before Season β7 began. Further rumor states that deeper feelings were exchanged shortly before Marijuana’s eventual incineration.

Despite no sponsorship benefit, Marijuana had frequently stated his public support of Taco Bell, including the Cheesy Gordita Crunch and Baja Blast, as well as White Claw Hard Seltzers, all of which are a staple during any Millennials party.

Incineration / Sightings

On Day 55 of Season β7 during a game against the Seattle Garages, Marijuana was hit by a stray pitch from Jaylen Hotdogfingers. As a result, he became Unstable. The next three games passed with little event, but Marijuana maintained a bittersweet sadness as he said tentative goodbyes to his teammates, friends, and partner Solis. On Day 59 against the Miami Dale, he was struck by a rogue umpire and presumed deceased, disappearing in a cloud of smoke and ash. Those who saw it happen say that he was incinerated with a knowing smile on his face.

Days later, during a celebration of Marijuana’s life in New York, his voice was heard again for the first time in the Millennials’ shared apartment, clipped and distorted. The audio transcripts from witnesses are as follows:

can you hear me?

born again. .. . ... .... -- do something?

i'm not done yet.

Other witnesses claim they saw a dusty figure wearing the distinct pink and blue Millennials uniform on the rooftop of the apartment, but these claims have yet to be proven true.

One last witness heard the following just before communication ceased:

don't ignore me again, Parker'

Each audio recording later showed up on Marijuana’s Twitter page without explanation.

As no clear evidence of Marijuana’s remains could be found post incineration, researchers have since begun to speculate on the effects of Unstable and how it can change the course of a player’s incineration. Early research has determined the possibility of a suspension between time and space; moreover, incinerated Unstable players could be untethered to a clear physical plane, freely moving about the separate dimensions. When Marijuana’s audio recordings were played backwards, researchers were able to identify soulscream data from other incinerated players, suggesting Marijuana recorded these messages from somewhere beyond the physical plane.

Since then, there have been numerous “sightings” of the famed Marijuana. Some say he’s in his uniform, others see plain clothes. Some claim they can hear his voice, others simply smell smoke. It is rumored he occupies his favorite places in New York: Battin’ Island, Cloney Island, the Millennials’ apartment and the Flive Pointz tagging site. He is most often “seen” when the Millennials are playing a home game, usually in the dugout consulting the players.

Sponsorship / Memorial

Dominic Marijuana was the primary face of BASETHIRST and was known to use the checks from the sponsorship to fly out the underpaid janitorial staff of other Blaseball teams to try out for New York Blittle League. Since incineration, a memorial fund has been made in his name, the Dominic Marijuana Four Hundred and Twenty scholarship, which helps children in poorer parts of New York enjoy intramural blaseball.

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