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Sandie Turner was a lineup player for the New York Millennials, and was with the team from Season β3, Day 14 until Fall Ball. Turner is the current holder of the Three-Blood Blagonball.

Official League Records

Turner joined the ILB as a lineup player for the New York Millennials on Season β3, Day 14, after the incineration of Chorby Soul.

Turner found The 3-Blood Blagonball on Season 4, Day 43, during a game against the Charleston Shoe Thieves. After batting a single, they successfully stole second base, then third base, then home,[1] and found the Blagonball shortly after.

At the end of Season 7, Turner received the modification Spicy after the Millennials won the blessing Hot Sauce Packet. The modification first triggered on Day 18 against the Baltimore Crabs, giving Turner the Red Hot! modification and greatly boosting her batting until struck out.

During the Coffee Cup, Turner played for Inter Xpresso as a lineup player. Turner received the Perk modification after the tournament due to being a member of the winning team.

In the Season β12 elections, Turner received a boost to all stats due to the Infuse Will.

On Season β15, Day 11, Chorby Soul of the Seattle Garages hit Turner with a ball and gained the Observed modification. The Observed modification disappeared at the end of that Week. During Season 15, Turner was attacked by Consumers once.

During Season β16, Turner was attacked by Consumers twice.

On Season β21, Day 82, Turner retreated to the Millennials' Shadows in exchange for Conrad Vaughan at the New York, New York Arena, Arena via the Ratified Voicemail. On Day 104, Turner returned to the Millennials' lineup in exchange for Andrew Solis at New York, New York Arena, Arena via the Ratified Voicemail.

On Season β22, Day 99, Turner retreated to the Millennials' Shadows in exchange for Munro Tumblehome at the New York, New York Arena, Arena via the Ratified Voicemail.

During the Season β22 elections, Turner gained the Negative modification as a result of the Darkside Flip blessing.

Over the course of Season β23, Turner exited and entered the Millennials' Shadows two times as a result of New York, New York Arena, Arena Fax Machine events, ending the Season in the Shadows.

On Season β24, Day 16, Turner rejoined the Millennials' lineup in exchange for Andrew Solis at New York, New York Arena, Arena via the Ratified Voicemail.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Hometown Hero

Turner is a genderfluid merfolk. They were born in the Hudson River. It is still unknown what effect this has had on their natural Blaseball skills. Prior to joining the New York Millennials, Turner played for the Battin' Island Zoomers in the New York Blittle League, where they were a star batter.

Millennials Career

Turner's ILB career began on Season β3, Day 14, after the incineration of fan favorite New York Millennials player Chorby Soul. Ey made an impact soon after by finding the 3 Blood Blagonball, and becoming Spicy. "Sandie Turner is RED HOT" became both a chant by the Fans and also a barometer of success each Season for the Team, with performance peaks and troughs nicknamed after whether Turner was Red Hot or not. As part of the winning Inter Xpresso during the Coffee Cup, ey gained the Perk modification. Rumors suggested that Turner became quite energetic as a result of this prize. A Season β12 Infuse gave Turner the boost they needed to have a career high early Expansion Era. Turner was coming into eyr own as a Blaseball player, with a competitive edge finely honed.

Sandie Turner's Season β15 was seen as eyr greatest peak and eyr most tumultuous fall. After a record-breaking single Season home run record of 53, Turner was attacked by Consumers, and seemed to have a hard time recovering from the incident. Retreating inward, Turner only making public appearances for Basethirs(tm)-contracted commercials. Turner tried to rehab in the Shadows, reconnecting with fellow Spicy player Charlatan Seabright. Ey tried pitching briefly, though commented "I can't be Red Hot this way! Not for me." Ey returned in Season β24, managing to help Schneider Bendie nullify Sun 30.

Side Hustles

Sandwich Art

Turner works part time as a Sandwich Artist, crafting delectable sandwiches which she sells down by the seashore. Her signature sandwich is a bacon, egg, and lox.

Onlysands Content

Turner is also an Onlysands content creator. Onlysands is a subscription based social media dominated by merfolk creators. Turner has found modest following on the platform. Unfortunately, Turner is still unable to afford rent, due to being born after XX93.



Turner has a deep dislike of birds, except of course as food. Turner has also stated that Gunther O'Brian is an exception to this rule, as he is their favorite pitcher.

Winnie Mccall

Though the exact nature of their relationship is private, Turner has playfully suggested that the two Millennials batters are "partners at bat and partners in life."

Nandy Fantastic

Fantastic and Turner grew up playing Blittle League together, initially playing on opposing teams the Hoboken Hoboklins and the Battin' Island Zoomers respectively. The two had a friendly rivalry on the field, but quickly grew to be close friends. Fantastic was later transferred to the the Battin' Island Zoomers, where they played in the line up directly after Turner. Fantastic contributes much of her early success in Blittle League to mentoring from Turner, whom she in turn mentored in wrestling. The two describe themselves as best friends.

Thomas Dracaena

Something of an uncle to Turner, Thomas Dracaena actively encourages his teammate with chants of "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!" when eyr at bat.

Chorby Soul

The first meeting of these two were on opposing sides of the Blaseball diamond, when a newly revived Chorby Soul hit Sandie Turner, causing em to be Observed. Though a rocky first meeting, Turner would be attacked by Consumers late in Season 15, and Chorby Soul would make their way back to the Millennials that very election. The two seemed to patch things up midway through the Season, and Soul would be remembered fondly.

Hudson Turner

Sandie Turner's grandmother, Hudson Turner, is said to be the namesake of the Hudson River running through eastern New York State.

Fan Art


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