Solar Eclipse (Gold)

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Solar Eclipse (Gold) is a weather condition introduced in Season 2.

During games played in Solar Eclipse (Gold) weather, a Bard Umpire may decide to Curse a Player, which will grant them the Modification Can't Lose. This Curse can be dodged by Players. They may also decide to rule in a Players favour which will boost that Players Attributes.

It appears that only Players on Teams with the Scattered Modification can be chosen for a boost to their Attributes. Likewise only Players on Teams without that Modification can be chosen to be targeted for a Curse.

Game Log Text

  • A Bard Umpire curses [Player]! They Can't Lose!
  • [Player] dodges the Bard Umpire's curse!
  • A Bard Umpire rules in [Player]'s favor!