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Dudley Mueller was a lineup player for the Ohio Worms, and was with the team from the Season β22 elections until Fall Ball. Mueller has previously played for the Hellmouth Sunbeams, Houston Spies, Hades Tigers, and Philly Pies.

Official League Records

Mueller joined the ILB as a lineup player for the Hellmouth Sunbeams on Season β3, Day 2 after the incineration of Rhys Trombone.

On Season β6, Day 91, Mueller's defensive ability was siphoned by Boston Flowers lineup player Hiroto Cerna in a game with Blooddrain weather. This decreased Mueller's defense from to . During the Season β6 elections the Sunbeams received the Move the Mounds Closer blessing and benefited from the Sharing Signs blessing the Flowers received, which increased Mueller's batting from to .

On Season β8, Day 71, Mueller swallowed a stray peanut and had a yummy reaction reaction, raising all their stats from to , save for baserunning which only increased to .

During the Season β9 elections the Sunbeams received the Mutually Arising blessing. This did not affect Mueller's star rating. Mueller also received the Siphon modification due to the passing of the Forecast: Blooddrain decree.

Over the course of Season β10, Mueller made use of this new modification, siphoning 7 different players from 6 different teams. These stat increases, when combined with losses from players siphoning stars from Mueller and two parties on Day 84 and 89, left Mueller with in batting and defense and in pitching and baserunning. During the Season β10 elections the Sunbeams benefited from the Unlimited Tacos' Sharing Signs blessing, which increased Mueller's batting to an even .

During the Coffee Cup, Mueller played for Royal PoS as a lineup player.

During the Season β13 elections the Sunbeams benefited from all four "Bubble" blessings, which increased Mueller's batting, baserunning, and defense by 4%.

During the Season β16 elections, Mueller retreated to the Sunbeams' Shadows in exchange for Joe Voorhees as a result of the Sunbeams' Foreshadow will, resulting in a combined 14.7 15.2 stat increase.

During the Season β17 elections, Mueller rejoined the Sunbeams' active roster via the Sunbeams' Move will.

On Season β18, Day 64, Mueller was exchanged to the Houston Spies due to Feedback, raising Mueller's combined star rating from 15.2 15.7 due to the Spies LCD Soundsystem. Mueller was replaced by Avila Guzman.

On Season β19, Day 47, Mueller siphoned some of Tokyo Lift lineup player Freemium Seraph's batting in a game with Blooddrain weather, increasing their own from 4.9 5.4 . On Day 73, Mueller was swept  Elsewhere... and gained the Negative modification as a result of Yeong-Ho Garcia's Undertaker modification.

During the Season β20 elections, Mueller gained the 2x modification as a result of the Spies' Magnify will. Mueller was then traded to the Hades Tigers in exchange for Paula Mason as a result of the Tigers' Equivalent Exchange Will.

During the Season β21 elections, Mueller was traded to the Philly Pies in exchange for Beasley Day as a result of the Tigers' Equivalent Exchange Will.

During the Season β22 elections, Mueller was traded to the Ohio Worms in exchange for Clove Mahle as a result of the Worms' Equivalent Exchange Will.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.


During his incineration, some of the ashes of Rhys Trombone blew into the Hellmouth Stadium parking lot. An indeterminate quantity of ash mixed with the contents of an open can of Mlonster Energy Drink. A combination of the extreme heat of the beverage and the increased psychic potential in Hellmouth due to the collective mourning of Rhys caused the formation of a homunculus. This homunculus then entered the stadium, damaging several parked cars, where it fell through the sinkhole under seating section A-12 into the away team's dugout. At this point, it imprinted on Oliver Mueller, transforming to appear similar to him. Seemingly of its own accord, Dudley Mueller exited the away dugout and entered the home dugout, donning a Sunbeams uniform.


Season 3

Mueller immediately established itself as an offensive threat by stealing bases and hitting home runs. However it showed a distaste for advancing beyond first base, perhaps having grown accustomed to the spot while on defense.

Season 10

In Season 10, Mueller developed a taste for blood. Combined with enhanced party time, this made it one of the Sunbeams' best hitters by the end of the season.

Season 11

In Season 11, Mueller's form remained largely the same, leading the league in hits, RBI, on-base percentage, and batting average.


Mueller currently holds the ILB record for hits in a single season, with 197 (Season 11), as well as the highest single-season batting average ever recorded (0.440 in Season 11).

Time on the Spies

After being Feedbacked to the Houston Spies in exchange for Avila Guzman, Mueller promptly bonded with Fitzgerald Blackburn. Blackburn had a very similar backstory: they were also the amorphous remains of a season 3 incineration, and had also washed up from being Scattered onto an unfamiliar team (in Blackburn's case it was the San Francisco Lovers). Blackburn set about teaching Mueller what it needed to know about being on the Spies.

Mueller remained Scattered for its entire time on the Spies. The Spies arranged for a corner of their experimental greenhouse to have its hydroponic system replaced with pots of soil, and stayed with Mueller as it quietly tended to its own plants. Math Velazquez taught it about fertilizer mineral ratios and soil pH. Bennett Bluesky found sources that could provide unusual seeds and plants. Blackburn dropped by on a regular basis to provide companionship.

Blackburn, trying to spare Mueller their own fate, had recommended that it downplay its abilities so as to prevent the Agency from using them. After finding Mueller unable to shapeshift into a form that could infiltrate plumbing, concentrate long enough for a stakeout, short-circuit electrical wiring, or be otherwise useful to spywork, the Agency eventually gave up entirely and left Mueller to its own devices.


  • Mueller’s habit of listening to loud electronic music has been named “dudstep.” Mueller is a sight to behold while it is listening to music, as its entire body vibrates along with the music.
  • Mueller has a collection of trinkets from all the places it has traveled, and its teammates will often bring it things they find on their travels. Mueller shows its appreciation for the ones it particularly enjoys by absorbing them.
  • Mueller is a common sight in Eugenia Bickle’s greenhouses. It enjoys the peace and quiet and being able to help its teammate out.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Mueller does not drink Mlonster or any other energy drinks or sodas. It prefers natural spring water, herbal tea, and blood.
  • Mueller is a fan of hugs and therefore is a big hugger. Warning: Do not give It a hug. Leave it to the professionals.

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