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Night is a weather condition that debuted in the modern era on Season 23, Day 104, as the result of the "Night +" Renovation. Night weather is also known to have previously occurred during the Pre-History I era.

During games played under Night weather there is a chance for a position swap between an active player and a player from their team's Shadows, in an event known as a Night Shift. The active player will be "taken by Deep Darkness", and a Shadowed player will "clock in" to replace them. Unlike most Shadows transactions, both players involved in a Night Shift are boosted.

If the active player being replaced is deceased, the Night Shift will fail with the Feed message "EXTRAPLANAR ACTIVITY / BOOKS COOKED / INSTABILITY DETECTED" and the player will become permanently Unstable, similarly to attempted plunders of Redacted players. This is usually impossible due to deceased players generally not playing, though thanks to the events of Season 24 resulting in some teams being simultaneously in the ILB and deceased, failed Night Shifts occurred to Walton Sports and Baby Doyle on Day 79.

Glossary Definition

Since the beginning of Gamma 2, the Blaseball Glossary has included a definition for Night, reading:

1. An indeterminate REDACTED of REDACTED
2. A space between REDACTED in which a Shift may occur.
3. Weather.


Night weather is referenced in the following Library volumes: