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Howell Rocha was a pitcher for the Miami Dale, and was with the team from Season β18, Day 6 until Fall Ball. Rocha has previously played for the Breckenridge Jazz Hands.

Official League Records

Rocha joined the ILB as a pitcher in the Shadows for the Breckenridge Jazz Hands with the Return of Blaseball.

During the Season β15 elections, Rocha joined the Jazz Hands' active roster in exchange for Edric Tosser as a result of the Jazz Hands' Foreshadow will.

On Season β18, Day 6, Rocha was exchanged to the Miami Dale due to Feedback. Rocha was replaced by Riley Firewall.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.


Howell Rocha began existence along with the known and unknown universe. She is a Nth dimensional being whose purpose is to collect and store a complete recording of the energies generated by the universe and its inhabitants throughout its life cycle, and then one day, consume it all. This event is known as Garbage Collection/Playback and is theorized to bring about [redacted mystery event] at which point she herself will also cease to exist.


It is speculated that although her metaphysical form resides in one or more planes above the Immaterial, through the manipulation of higher dimensional matter, Rocha is able to manifest as infinitely many forms on this plane. Despite this, she never seeks to deceive others of her true nature. One can immediately recognize her due to the signature trail of pink Nth dimension cuboids she leaves lingering in her wake. This is speculated to be an intentional aberration, an accommodation she provides to lower dimensional beings. Individual reports suggest Rocha appears as something different to everyone, and what she appears as can change per individual.

Arrival in Breckenridge

Feeling around for an entry point onto the Immaterial Plane, Rocha found herself at first permeating through a lowered dimensional threshold and suddenly relocalizing in the orchestra pit of a community theater in the quiet town of Breckenridge. This entry into the Immaterial Plane may have been felt by residents of the town as a sort of tremor. However, Rocha readily reassures everyone that her arrival made only minor causal ripples. Having arrived in the middle of a busy and fraught production (as is customary for the Pocket), she was blasted with the raw and frenetic vibes of lower dimensional beings subjected to, yet poorly equipped to deal with the ordeal of existing. Inconsequential though it may be, as all energies that have ever existed and ever will exist total out to be the same in eventuality, Rocha decided that the particular texture of the energy produced by bad vibes would taste, she declared, “Unacceptable”. She promptly tore down the wall of an unused corner of the orchestra pit and set up a therapy clinic. The Jazz Hands and staff of the theater presumed this was a renovation permitted by management, and began enthusiastically attending sessions.

Much of the turmoil mortals experience, she believed, is caused by what she refers to as “misattunements”. Rocha is a practitioner of therapies in both mental and physical capacity because from her perspective, a misattunement in one is reflected as a misattunement in the other.


Rocha constantly emits ambient frequencies in her natural state. These frequencies manifest as the sounds one may continue hearing in their head even in total silence. Joining the Jazz Hands, Rocha was introduced to the brazen concept of music and began to artistically style her frequencies. Encouraged by her teammates, she [redacted instrument selection process] the Slide-Trombone Bolter and after 40 hours of silent contemplation/ululation, he bestowed upon her his one and only yaybahar, glad to have finally found someone suitable to wield it. During jam sessions she can be heard enhancing her playing with her own haunting vibrations.

Professional Career

Rocha would attend home games in Breckenridge from time to time as a spectator. She was enticed by the raucous energy the fans exuded, proportional to how hype the plays were, and wanted to be the direct cause of it. This prompted her to join the league as a pitcher, as the mound is frequently the center of attention. When she is playing, she appears much more menacing to fans and players of the away team, usually manifesting as their worst fears.

The following article appeared in local Miami magazines in the time period between Seasons 19 and 20.

Miami Gerald's Rave Report: Mystery DJ Makes Waves - Something Special or Something Stranger?

Byline: Miami Gerald

A rave of epic proportions was recently held in a new venue underneath the Worldwide Field. It began with an opening guest performance by accomplished scientist-DJ Melvin Ochoa, before the main event took the stage- an unknown new DJ on the scene, who turned up the hype to never-before-seen levels. Miami shook with the underground energy, and emergency weather reports were held to report on a shockwave of good vibes.

This is the strange part: Nobody can agree on what took place at this event, nor on the appearance of the host. Not a single partygoer could even figure out how they had known the rave was taking place at all in the first place. One interview paints a picture of your standard EDM fare, another interview reports... nostalgic piano arrangements. One attendee swore the party was hosted by an old ex, another reported a deceased relative, and yet another had described the DJ as "an emotionally available dreamboat." Attempts to find a line of contact with this enigmatic figure have failed.

As for the venue, it's as if it never existed at all. There were no records of such thing underneath the Worldwide Field in the first place, and it has seemed to completely vanish. Ever since the rave took place, attendees have taken to hunting for the entrance to this lost venue in the stadium. This has significantly increased ticket sales for games, but the number of people actively paying attention to the plays has remained quite small.

No managers of the home team nor its players have accepted questioning at this time.


  • Rocha has never explicitly revealed why she chose to participate in existence rather than passively absorb it without interacting, however, fellow Jazz Hands players all generally agree, through observation, that "she likes it."
  • One of the minor causal mishaps Rocha caused when entering the Immaterial Plane made it so that she and Bauer Zimmerman had met, been in a relationship, and broken up long before her arrival in Breckenridge. Their breakup marked the first and last time Rocha ever felt her own emotions. The time they met again in the Jazz Hands locker room immediately became a situation. Steph Weeks recounts, “I’m no stranger to causality complicating my relationships, but damn that was really awkward.”
  • Rocha can address someone using The Universal You. She uses this often on her blog, which she uses to communicate thoughts to a particular patient. The posts never appear relevant to anyone until she addresses You, in which case You know exactly who she is talking to. In this way, she can maintain patient confidentiality.

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