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Snow, originally named Snowy, is a weather condition that debuted in Gamma 3 as a result of Tgb circuit 00.png Circuit 00. During Snow games, there is a chance of a random number of snowflakes "modifying the field" to a varying extent, resulting in one or more players being given the  Frozen modification for the remainder of the game, preventing them from playing in a way similar to Shelled or Elsewhere.

Separately, players may also have snow fall on them, slightly changing all of their attributes in either direction.

Glossary Definition

Since the beginning of Gamma 3, the Blaseball Glossary has included a definition for Snow, reading:

1. Weather.
2. Crystalized REDACTED that accumulates on the Field REDACTED modifying and potentially Freezing REDACTED

Game Log Text

  • [Number] Snowflakes slightly modified the field!
  • [Number] Snowflakes modified the field!
  • [Number] Snowflakes greatly modified the field!
  • [Player] was Frozen!
  • Snow fell on [Player]!