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For general information on peanuts, see Peanuts.

Peanuts is a weather condition under which a game of blaseball may be played.


Peanuts was first observed as a weather type on Season β3, Day 1. During a game with Peanuts weather, players have a chance to "swallow a stray peanut"[1], which can cause either a yummy or an allergic reaction. The Game Log will show this event both when it happens and at the conclusion of a game in which a reaction happens.

Peanut Allergies

Allergic reaction.png

Players may be allergic to peanuts based on their "Peanut Allergy" attribute. Whether or not a player is allergic governs whether they will have a yummy or allergic reaction to swallowing a peanut. Yummy and allergic reactions induce a corresponding positive or negative change in all of the player's numerical attributes. During an allergic reaction, each one of an affected Player's Attributes will be decreased by 0.2, except for their Patheticism and Tragicness, which are increased by 0.2. A yummy reaction has the inverse effect, where Attributes are increased by 0.2, except for Patheticism and Tragicness which are decreased by 0.2.


Swallowing a stray peanut can cause either a yummy or an allergic reaction which, respectively, induces an immediate positive or negative change in the players' star ratings. After The Shelled One's death in Season β10, yummy reactions ceased to occur. However, after A Shelled One was introduced in Gamma 3, yummy reactions began to occur again, with the first one occurring in Gamma 4, day 39.

Peanut Reaction Occurrences

The following tables list all reactions in current documentation.

Season 3 (Total: 35)

4Marco StinkDallas SteaksYummy
8Simon HaleyCanada Moist TalkersAllergic
8Eduardo WoodmanPhilly PiesYummy
11Hendricks RichardsonBreckenridge Jazz HandsAllergic
13Rodriguez InternetKansas City Breath MintsAllergic
13Grey AlvaradoKansas City Breath MintsAllergic
15Eduardo IngramKansas City Breath MintsAllergic
15Schneider BendieNew York MillennialsYummy
20Edric TosserChicago FirefightersAllergic
20Joshua ButtChicago FirefightersAllergic
20Paula MasonChicago FirefightersAllergic
26Raúl LealMiami DaleAllergic
31Elijah BatesCanada Moist TalkersYummy
34Nagomi McdanielHawai'i FridaysYummy
34Randy DennisMiami DaleAllergic
37Workman GloomCharleston Shoe ThievesYummy
38Nic WinklerBoston FlowersAllergic
46Stephens LightnerBreckenridge Jazz HandsAllergic
47Nerd PachecoHellmouth SunbeamsYummy
48Ziwa MuellerCanada Moist TalkersYummy
50Wyatt MasonLA Unlimited TacosAllergic
52Matteo PrestigeCharleston Shoe ThievesAllergic
57Kevin DudleyPhilly PiesAllergic
62Taiga QuitterLA Unlimited TacosAllergic
63Wyatt MasonLA Unlimited TacosAllergic
63Wanda PothosLA Unlimited TacosAllergic
77Declan SuzanneChicago FirefightersAllergic
81Beck WhitneyBoston FlowersYummy
81Dunn KeyesBoston FlowersYummy
83Beasley GloomCharleston Shoe ThievesAllergic
84Sixpack SantiagoMiami DaleAllergic
89Kichiro GuerraSan Francisco LoversAllergic
98Spears TaylorPhilly PiesAllergic
98Valentine GamesBaltimore CrabsYummy
98Howell FranklinHouston SpiesAllergic

Season 4 (Total: 2)

13Jessica TelephoneHades TigersYummy
24Basilio FigHawai'i FridaysAllergic

Season 5 (Total: 3)

37Washer BarajasYellowstone MagicAllergic
104Don MitchellSan Francisco LoversYummy
112Declan SuzanneChicago FirefightersAllergic

Season 6 (Total: 3)

38Sutton PicklesteinYellowstone MagicAllergic
76Joe VoorheesCharleston Shoe ThievesAllergic
85Rat MasonLA Unlimited TacosAllergic

Season 7 (Total: 6)

37Tamara CrankitBreckenridge Jazz HandsAllergic
41Theo KingSan Francisco LoversAllergic
43Wyatt QuitterLA Unlimited TacosAllergic
71Fitzgerald BlackburnHouston SpiesYummy
79Elijah ValenzuelaHawai'i FridaysAllergic
90Francisco PrestonYellowstone MagicAllergic

Season 8 (Total: 6)

1Gunther O'BrianCharleston Shoe ThievesYummy
31Baldwin BreadwinnerHawai'i FridaysAllergic
55Thomas KirbyChicago FirefightersAllergic
71Dudley MuellerHellmouth SunbeamsYummy
87Eizabeth GuerraKansas City Breath MintsAllergic
99Aldon CashmoneyHawai'i FridaysYummy

Season 9 (Total: 18)

13Kennedy CenaPhilly PiesAllergic
19Charlatan SeabrightNew York MillennialsAllergic
42Marquez ClarkKansas City Breath MintsAllergic
44Caleb NovakMiami DaleAllergic
49Ronan JayleeDallas SteaksYummy
56Tot ClarkSeattle GaragesYummy
57Kennedy MehSan Francisco LoversAllergic
57Justice SpoonChicago FirefightersAllergic
58Mooney Doctor IIKansas City Breath MintsYummy
64Gallup CruellerDallas SteaksAllergic
72Inez OwensBoston FlowersAllergic
75Alaynabella HollywoodBoston FlowersAllergic
81Igneus DelacruzHellmouth SunbeamsAllergic
85Lenny SpruceKansas City Breath MintsYummy
89Wyatt GloverYellowstone MagicAllergic
94Agan HarrisonBreckenridge Jazz HandsAllergic
95Case SportsMexico City Wild WingsAllergic
98Don ElliottMiami DaleAllergic

Season 12 (Total: 12)

6Cudi Di BatterinoTokyo LiftAllergic
24Stew BriggsKansas City Breath MintsAllergic
42Declan SuzanneChicago FirefightersAllergic
42Summers PrestonMexico City Wild WingsAllergic
42Morrow WilsonHouston SpiesAllergic
43Holden StantonBreckenridge Jazz HandsAllergic
46Ren MorinHades TigersAllergic
74Fletcher YamamotoSan Francisco LoversAllergic
75Patel BeyonceDallas SteaksAllergic
87Halexandrey WaltonLA Unlimited TacosAllergic
87Randy DennisMiami DaleAllergic
89Gallup CruellerDallas SteaksAllergic

Season 13 (Total: 8)

10Lance SerotoninTokyo LiftAllergic
14Moses MasonBoston FlowersAllergic
23Baldwin BreadwinnerBaltimore CrabsAllergic
35Mint ShupeAtlantis GeorgiasAllergic
43Combs EstesBreckenridge Jazz HandsAllergic
62Rodriguez InternetKansas City Breath MintsAllergic
68Wyatt PothosBreckenridge Jazz HandsAllergic
84Stephens LightnerBreckenridge Jazz HandsAllergic

Season 14 (Total: 4)

6Grey AlvaradoKansas City Breath MintsAllergic
29Matteo TriumphantHades TigersAllergic
36Spears TaylorHawai'i FridaysAllergic
74Fitzgerald WanderlustCharleston Shoe ThievesAllergic

Season 15 (Total: 3)

15Ayanna DumpingtonTokyo LiftAllergic
30Sum--rs -resto-Mexico City Wild WingsAllergic
104Jasmine WashingtonMiami DaleAllergic

Season 16 (Total: 3)

3Oscar VaughanNew York MillennialsAllergic
42Simon HaleyCharleston Shoe ThievesAllergic
68D-n Ell--ttMiami DaleAllergic

Big Peanut Shelling Occurences

As of Season 9, in a game during Peanuts weather, there is a small chance for a Big Peanut to crash into the field, and a smaller chance that a Big Peanut will crash into a player, causing them to gain Shelled. Known cases of Big Peanuts crashing into players are listed below.

Season 9 (Total: 1)

46Wyatt QuitterLA Unlimited Tacos

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