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Beta Content
The following content pertains to earlier eras of Blaseball and may not be relevant to the current version of the game.

The Shop is a place where participants can purchase items to enhance their Blaseball experience. The shop changes its goods semi-frequently, usually in response to a sponsorship change or a postseason decree. A player must spend Coins.png 20 coins to access the Shop for the first time. The Shop was phased out in Season β12 for Concessions.

Shop Items

The shop offers the following items in exchange for Blaseball Coins:

Membership Card · Coins.png 20 coins Vote ticket.png Vote · Coins.png 100 coins
Grants access to the entire shop. Must be purchased before anything else.
Each Vote can be spent in the Election to boost your team or bring important change to Blaseball.
High Roller Snake Oil · Coins.png 20+ coins Passive Income Potion · Coins.png 20+ coins
This invigorating oil allows you to place larger wagers on each game.

(Max level: Bet 1000 coins)
This potion will boost the coins you earn when your team wins.

(Max level: +75 coins)
Icon pendant.png Hits Pendant · Coins.png 50+ coins Icon pendant.png Strikeout Pendant · Coins.png 50+ coins
Adorn yourself. When your Idol gets a Hit, you'll earn coins.

(Max level: +200 coins)
Adorn yourself. When your Idol strikes a batter out, you'll earn coins.

(Max level: +200 coins)
Icon pendant.png Home Run Pendant · Coins.png 100+ coins Icon pendant.png Shutout Pendant · Coins.png 100+ coins
Adorn yourself. When your Idol hits a Home Run, you'll earn coins.

(Max level: +1000 coins)
Adorn yourself. When your Idol pitches a Shutout, you'll earn coins.

(Max level: +10,000 coins)
Peanuts · Coins.png 1000 coins Squirrel of Devouring · Coins.png 200 coins
Purchase a bucket of 1000 peanuts.[1]
Recruit a Peanut-hungry squirrel to your side, to help you eat Peanuts faster.

(Max Squirrels: 1)
Beg · Coins.png Free Fair Weather Flute · Coins.png 2000 coins
If you have no coins, you may beg the Blaseball Gods to grant you more, so that you may continue gambling.
Plays a tune that allows you to change your favorite team. Your former team will be disappointed, but understand.

  1. Throughout Season β3, Peanuts frequently changed quantity and price, such as 1 coin for 1 peanut, or -2 coins for -2 peanuts, or 1,000,000 coins for 1,000,000 peanuts. The quantity and price have always been at a 1:1 ratio.