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Jasmine Washington was a player in the Shadows for the Miami Dale, and was with the team from Season β1 until Fall Ball.

Official League Records

Washington joined the ILB as a lineup player for the Miami Dale with the Return of Blaseball.

At the end of Season β4, Washington was swapped with their alternate due to the Alternate Reality Decree. It did not change their overall star rating but their performance suffered.

On Season β7, Day 94, Washington became the first Dale player to party and gained a half star in batting, pitching, and defense.

In the Season β17 elections, Washington retreated to the Shadows in exchange for Stout Schmitt as a result of the Dale's Foreshadow will.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Alternate Reality

Following the passing of the Alternate Reality Decree in the Season β4 Election, Washington and their wife were seen walking into a portal in the ocean with teammate Rivers Clembons, and have yet to return. Some reports claim Washington and Clembons had borrowed a significant number of coins and water-related magic and invested it into the Dale. It is likely that the return on this investment has not been what the First Bank of Atlantis had hoped, and many fans believe that the "original" Clembons and Washington are meeting with Poseidon about refinancing their loan into Vibes.

Washington was replaced with another Jasmine Washington, presumably from a different branch of reality. "Ice Princex Jasmine" shares many of the original Washington's characteristics, with notable exceptions. Their wife, who appeared in our reality at the same time, is also named [name redacted for privacy], and the couple still enjoy crafting and possess an unknowable number of cats. However, rather than being made of water, Washington instead appears to be made of ice.

Personal Life

Despite the tropical Miami climate, they are never seen without their puffy coat, snow pants, and earmuffs, and they typically choose ice skates or snowshoes for footwear.

Though it impedes their blaseball skills (much like Washington Prime's choice of dress), Washington seems quite comfortable in their winter clothing. In fact, they seem to generate a small bubble of wintriness. "When conducting my usual new player interview, I asked Washington if they were uncomfortable in all those layers, given that it was 89 and humid outside," writes Miami Gerald in an article from Season β5. "They beckoned me closer, and closer yet. When I moved very near them, I was struck with a sudden brisk chill, like a clear winter's morning in some faraway place where that means it’s quite cold outside. I looked down and saw snowflakes collecting on my Bermuda shorts."

Washington's teammates have corroborated the existence of their "cold spell." Says skater and batter Cannonball Sports: "Jas and I love to go surfing. We don’t need boards at all, just ice skates. They'll start skating and I can follow their path! They'll make ramps out of big waves and we’ll do tricks for hours. It’s so much fun." While perhaps less exhilarating, teammate Beck Whitney also appreciates their power. "Sometimes I just miss Boston so much, and hanging out with Jas really helps. It's really nice to have access to something more homey than sunshine and blue skies. I mean, don't you just long for overcast days and a bit of freezing sleet sometimes? I know I do," said Whitney with a shy smile.

In true Dale fashion, Washington also loves parties. Specifically, they love holiday parties, seemingly regardless of holiday, as long as the holiday is in or around winter. As of Season β10, Washington has hosted 13 Halloween parties (at which they always dress as Princex Jasmine from Dilsney), 23 harvest feasts, 8 Yule balls, 2 Festivuses, 4 Candlenightses, 32 Winter Solstices, 12 Christmas Eves, 7 Christmases, 11 Hanukkahs, 1 Boxing Day, 6 Festivals of Ice, 5 Lunar New Years, 2 New Year's Days, 1 Twelfth Night, 3 Groundhog Days (2 if you don’t count Movie Night as a party but the Dale unanimously do), and 65 Valentine's Days.

Work With the Elder League

Their chilly aura and continued assertion that they are "just visiting" from their dimension has earned Washington the nickname "Snowbird," a reputation bolstered by their hobby of hanging out with players of Miami's Elder League. "Oh, I just love when Jasmine visits. I get all bundled up for our bridge games and it feels like I'm back in Pennsylvania, without ever having to travel!" recounts star Elder League pitcher Zora Wriggle, 113. Their work with the Elder League also inspired them to lead a project to revamp and expand Worldwide Field's accessibility features, including the addition of non-slip ice bridges over the flooded VIP section so that fans with mobility aids can partake of the views.

Washington "Prime"

Personal Life

At all times, Jasmine Washington insists on wearing a very long skirt, sunglasses, an extremely wide-brimmed straw hat, and $4 flip-flops recently acquired from a local bodega over their typical two-piece bathing suit uniform.

Washington lives with their wife, [name redacted for privacy]. [Name redacted for privacy] wears exclusively three-piece suits over swim trunks, and comes to every Dale game, despite how incredibly hot their outfit is. Washington and [name redacted for privacy] originally bonded when all of their eyes met across the aisles of the Olpa Locka Hialeah Flea Mlarket. They were both reaching for the same collection: a flamingo shaped rotary phone, light up Heelys size 24, a glass blown statuette of a pot-bellied pig, a mug featuring Marilyn Meowroe and the phrase "happy purrthday", and a Dirty Dancing glitter globe signed by the actor who played the guy at the bar in that one scene.

Washington and their wife can frequently be spotted at the Bric a Brac Craft Workshop in Brickell between the 7/11 and the Mexican Consulate.

Washington collects cats. When interviewed, they have refused to share the exact number for which they currently care, but fans have made notice of them sharing images of what appear to be seven different cats. At the very least, Washington has shared pictures of one cat that looks seven different ways.


It is theorized that Washington is a nine-foot tall being made of pure water, but it is impossible to tell for sure, due to their sunglasses and wide-brimmed hat obscuring much of their face.


Washington refuses to play unless they can wear their accustomed skirt, sunglasses, hat, and flip-flops. This unorthodox choice of outfit can be seen to affect performance, especially during base-running, when Washington needs to use both hands to make sure they do not stumble on their skirt and/or lose their hat. Washington's rating suffers accordingly. A popular theory among fans is that Washington is, in fact, the most talented batter on the team, and is only being held up by their very specific wardrobe choices. Their fans are known to chant "Flip flop flip flop flip flop!" as Washington is running, imitating the sound of their shoes.

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