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Tamara Crankit is a lineup player for the Breckenridge Jazz Hands and has been with the Jazz Hands since Season 1. Crankit is known for attempting to steal third base.

Official League Records

On Season 7, Day 37, Crankit swallowed a peanut and experienced an allergic reaction, bringing Crankit's batting from ★★ to , pitching and defense from ★★★ to , and baserunning from ★★ to .

During the Coffee Cup, Crankit played for Macchiato City as a pitcher.

During the Season 12 elections, all of Crankit's stats were increased as a result of the Infuse will.

Season-By-Season Statistics

(Regular Season Only)

Season 2

  • (in 62 games) 97 Hits (3rd in league) / 1 Home Run / 28 RBI / 0.365 Batting Average (4th in league)
  • 5th in times caught stealing, 9th in on-base percentage

Season 3

  • 121 Hits / 3 Home Runs / 38 RBI / 0.292 Batting Average
  • 2nd in doubles hit, 3rd in times caught stealing, 9th in stolen bases

Season 4

  • 111 Hits / 5 Home Runs / 29 RBI / 0.280 Batting Average

Season 5

  • 118 Hits / 3 Home Runs / 38 RBI / 0.287 Batting Average
  • Led league in doubles hit

Season 6

  • 112 Hits / 14 Home Runs / 74 RBI (6th in league) / 0.272 Batting Average
  • 2nd in sacrifice bunts, tied for 7th in doubles hit

Season 7

  • 124 Hits (9th in league) / 8 Home Runs / 43 RBI / 0.296 Batting Average
  • led league in times caught stealing, 9th in doubles hit

Season 8

  • 110 Hits / 3 Home Runs / 29 RBI / 0.276 Batting Average

Season 9

  • 109 Hits / 4 Home Runs / 31 RBI / 0.267 Batting Average

Season 10

  • 106 Hits / 8 Home Runs / 29 RBI / 0.273 Batting Average

Season 11

  • 103 Hits / 7 Home Runs / 31 RBI / 0.267 Batting Average



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Crankit is the second youngest player on the Jazz Hands, second only to Baby Doyle, who is of course a literal baby.

No one knows where the music comes from, as it never sounds like it is coming from the speakers, but whenever Crankit is up to blatt zir signature saxophone solo can be heard, accompanied by the mellow tones of an upright bass. When asked about the meaning behind this strange music, Crankit simply replied with " █████████."

Crankit's love of stealing third base is well known to fans of the Hands, and is not limited to Blaseball games. In a "Meet the Players" interview, held at the player's home at the start of the season, sharp eyed viewers noticed that Crankit's home seemed to be constructed completely out of third bases. Reports of local fields in the Breckenridge area missing third bases have as of yet not been corroborated.

Interdimensional Rumor Mill

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