Peanut Plague

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The Peanut Plague refers to the introduction and subsequent proliferation of Peanuts into Internet League Blaseball. The peanut plague was introduced following the enactment of the "Peanuts" Decree at the end of Season β2, which passed with 4441 votes, 36% of all decree votes.

Effects of the Plague

Proliferation of peanuts within the league began when fans were given the option of purchasing peanuts in the shop, always at a 1:1 peanuts to coins ratio.[1] Following this initial outbreak, the increasing presence of peanuts has resulted in a number of additional effects.

Dan-Peanut Replacement

Upon enactment of the "Peanuts" Decree following Season 2, all players named Dan or Daniel had the "Dan" portion of their name replaced with "Peanut."[1]

Weather Conditions

The presence of peanuts in the league has introduced several new weather conditions, including:

Allergic Reactions

Blaseball players began to experience peanut-based allergic reactions on the field at relatively frequent rate, as seen in the Season β3 allergic reaction records.

Section 5e

Section 5e of the Book of Blaseball references peanuts explicitly, stating:

"If at any time, ████████████ atone ██████ one million Peanuts."[3] 

While the implications of this passage remain unclear, several Blaseball Scholars hypothesize there is a possibility that this may be somehow related to the Peanut Plague.