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Game 99 (also known as Twenty Four and Infinite, The Protest Picnic, The Chillover, Morrow's Revenge, The Infinite Alstroemeria, Crisis on Infinite Picnics, and others) refers to the Season β4, Day 99 game between the Boston Flowers and the Unlimited Tacos. It is famous for being the first known instance of Spillover. The game also broke the record for longest game in Internet League Blaseball history up to that point by both inning count (24) and length (65 minutes). The game consisted of 24 total innings, with no runs scored for the first 21. The Tacos then scored in the top of the 22nd inning, followed by the Flowers in the bottom of that same inning. After another scoreless inning, Flowers hitter Inez Owens scored the game-winning run, shaming the Tacos.

Due to the fact that this was the final game of the season, no effects of Spillover occurred, and all postseason games continued as scheduled.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.


On day 99, the final day of play, The Boston Flowers and Unlimited Tacos took the field wearing number 502 jerseys in remembrance of Morrow Doyle. The game started as any other, but it quickly became apparent that the 0-0 score would remain as pitchers King Weatherman and Alejandro Leaf pitched equal shut out games for 21 full innings, breaking the previous record for longest game. By this point, the whole world of Blaseball had their eyes on Boston Gardens as the two teams, both by and far eliminated from contending in the postseason, performed what would be widely called the best game of Blaseball ever played. The no score streak was broken when Rat Mason scored off of Patel Beyonce’s hit. In response to the single run scored at the top of the inning, Margarito Nava of the Flowers hit an incredible solo home run, tying the score once more. A barrel of Glatorade was promptly poured on Nava in celebration.

The bases quickly loaded, but the inning was closed when Nic Winkler of the Flowers was caught in a daring and uncharacteristic attempt to “steal” fourth base. This tie continued for two more innings until the bottom of the 24th when Inez Owens of the Flowers, one game after joining the team as a replacement for Morrow Doyle after their incineration, hit a triple. Two at bats later, Nic Winkler hit a single, scoring Owens to bring the Tacos to shame. Castillo Turner and Jacob Haynes of the Flowers then took singles to load the bases for Flowers Captain Beck Whitney. Whitney, known on the team and by fans as one of the best batters on the team and renowned for her grand slam capabilities, watched three strikes accumulate. Some say this was in error, but many believe this was a conscious choice. The game was over; there was no need for shame. Beck Whitney struck out looking with the bases loaded and eyes bleary with tears, thus ending the longest game in Blaseball history.



"The Protest Picnic"

To the Boston Flowers, this game was a protest against the events of Season 4. The team had lost four members over the season, with the most recent loss being the incineration of Morrow Doyle just the day before. Already known for their exceedingly long "picnic" games, the Flowers began Game 99 prepared to make it the longest picnic ever.


"The Chillover"

To the Unlimited Los Angeli Tacos, this game was an act of solidarity. The season was long and the team was a game away from achieving a "nice" number of losses. Morrow Doyle had a special place in the infinite cities, as they were responsible for the The Grand Unslam which changed the Tacos home town(s). The Tacos were more than happy to oblige in a chill game of Blaseball, and potentially reclaim the longest game record with the Flowers.