Bad Gateway (Event)

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A Bad Gateway (often known as 502 Bad Gateway), is an unpredictable event during which no games can be watched, no items can be bought, and no votes can be submitted. The Blaseball front page is replaced with a white screen and text that says "502 Bad Gateway".

The first major appearance of a Bad Gateway occurred at the end of the Season β2 playoffs, disrupting the championship games.

Bad Gateways are often but not always followed by Blaseball officials calling for a siesta. It has been observed that a Bad Gateway does not necessarily interrupt the Blaseball matches in session, but only makes them un-observable. It's for this reason that a siesta is needed to ensure that the matches can formally come to a pause.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.


The First Gateway's appearance is largely considered to be an omen of the coming Season, and a result of the Philladelphia Pies' landslide win in the playoffs and the endless chanting of "Pies" by the fans. The chant, some sources say, may have caused an Arcane Resonance Event that cascaded through the universe by the Blaseball Gods' will. Moments after the play, the Gateway appeared, prohibiting league members from claiming winnings, self-congratulation, and indulging of the sweet sweet concessions. Peanuts were at an all time low.

Hours after the final play, the First Bad Gateway remained, haunting the League and disallowing fans from seeking the solace of fiesta.

There are slanderous rumors that the Pies have been participating in Arcane Research, and that caused the Gateway. This theory has not been confirmed.

Cursory studies suggest that the Bad Gateway is the portal through which locales such as Dark-Seattle can be accessed. Further research is necessary.

The first base of the Sunbeams' stadium in Hellmouth can be accessed through the Bad Gateway.

The Bad Gateway reappeared when the Umps mandated repentance for the Peanut Fraud during Day 2 of Season 3, leading to the theory that the Bad Gateway is the entrance to Hell for Peanut Sinners.