Ruby Tuesday

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Ruby Tuesday is an event that took place on Season β7, Games 32-33 when multiple players were incinerated due to a combination of naturally occurring deaths during Solar Eclipses and due to the first revealed demonstration of the effects of the Unstable modification.

Timeline of Events


As a consequence of the resurrection of Jaylen Hotdogfingers after the end of Season β6, during games in Season 7 where Hotdogfingers pitched they could occasionally hit players of the opposing team. Affected players received the Unstable modification, whose concrete effects were unknown prior to Game 32, except for the fact that it was a modification with a Weekly-duration.

On Season 7, Game 30, during the second of a series of games played between the Garages and the Tigers, Jaylen's pitching resulted in both Moody Cookbook and Mclaughlin Scorpler gaining the Unstable modification.

First Game

On Season 7, Game 32, the Tigers played the Moist Talkers in Halifax during a Solar Eclipse. The heretofore unknown effects of Unstable activated, incinerating Cookbook and transferring the modification to a player on the opposing team, Elijah Bates. Bates himself incinerated, transferring the modification back to the Tigers' Yazmin Mason. After this chain resolved, Scorpler's Unstable modification activated independently, incinerating them and transferring the modification to Antonio Wallace.


Either in reaction to community outcry or in order to make sure that all systems were working as intended, officials called a Siesta, postponing the next hour's worth of games.

Second Game

During Game 33, during the third game between the Moist Talkers, Kiki Familia was incinerated as per normal Solar Eclipse rules. However, Antonio Wallace was incinerated as a consequence of the Unstable Condition before it chained to Mooney Doctor.


There appeared to be no immediate effects on the game itself apart from the revelation of the descriptions of both Unstable and Hotdogfinger's unique Returned modification. However fan outcry was immediate and negative, resulting in backlash directed at both officials and Jaylen themselves.