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Season A was the first and only known season of Ultra League Blaseball, and is the first known season of Blaseball. It began on March 1, 1983 and concluded on September 4, 1983. The Alaskan Immortals defeated the Minneapolis Truckers 4 games to 0 to win their first Ultra League Blaseball Championship.


All known events from Season A are only available via The Library in the following volumes:

Notable Events

The First Day, 1st Edition

On the first known Gods' Day, prior to the start of the season, Sun 1 was Forged by Namerifeht, Five Bases were Placed, and 30 teams joined Ultra League Blaseball. Following this, an Umpire appeared, and, on March 1st, 1983, Day 1 of the first known Regular Season of Blaseball began, lasting until Day 162 at which point Leaders and MVPs were named prior to the commencement of the Postseason.[1][2]

Regular Events

Season Leaders

During the Pre-History I era, at the end of each Regular Season and prior to the beginning of the Postseason, the top 5 statistical Leaders in select categories would be announced, followed by 5 MVPs.

Season A's Leaders were:[2]


  1. From this number, it can be calculated that Loveless likely got 233 hits in 683 at-bats in Season A.
  2. From this number, it can be calculated that Vargas likely got 223 hits in 668 at-bats in Season A.
  3. From this number, it can be calculated that Howard likely got 182 hits in 561 at-bats in Season A.
  4. From this number, it can be calculated that Pate likely got either 186 hits in 576 at-bats or 217 hits in 672 at-bats in Season A.
  5. From this number, it can be calculated that Hernandez likely got 182 hits in 564 at-bats in Season A.
  6. From this number, it can be calculated that Hendricks likely gave up 58 runs in 322 innings pitched in Season A.
  7. From this number, it can be calculated that Suzuki likely gave up 67 runs in 303 innings pitched in Season A.


In Ultra League Blaseball, the five best performing teams in each Sub-League advanced to the Postseason, seeded by wins. Each series was contested under best-of-seven rules (or first-to-four wins). The winners of the Good League and the Bad League met in Ultra League Blaseball's championship series.[3]


  Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 ULB Championship
    1 Kansas City Breath Mints 1  
4 Baltimore Crabs 3     5 Hawai'i Fridays 4    
  3 Minneapolis Truckers 4  
5 Hawai'i Fridays 4     Good League
  5 Hawai'i Fridays 2    
2 Boston Flowers 3
  3 Minneapolis Truckers 4  
    GL Minneapolis Truckers 0
  BL Alaskan Immortals 4
    1 Philly Pies 4    
4 Antarctic Fireballs 4     4 Antarctic Fireballs 1    
  1 Philly Pies 3
5 Dallas Cows 2     Bad League
  3 Alaskan Immortals 4  
2 Moab Sunbeams 2
  3 Alaskan Immortals 4  

Election Results

The following results were listed in the Library volume "Season A Election".[4] It is unknown whether there were further results not listed in the book.



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