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Some or all of the information on this page is from secondhand accounts as revealed by the Library.

Pre-History II is the third volume in The Library, and was added alongside Root, Pre-History I, Bridge, and Discipline in Season 18. It contains 32 chapters, only 1 of which has been unveiled. The first chapter to be revealed was "The First Day, 2nd Edition" on June 20, 2021, during Season 20.

Overall Summary

Pre-History II appears to detail the recreation of Internet League Blaseball after the Reset Decree was passed in Pre-History I. However, there are notable differences. Whilst 5 Bases were placed in Pre-History I, only 4 were placed in Pre-History II. Likewise, Namerifeht refills Sun 1, which they had forged in Pre-History I, instead of creating an entirely new stellar body. Additonally, Teams that had been incinerated in Pre-History I were not resurrected, but teams that were Unstable were stabled.[1]

The First Day, 2nd Edition