Mexico City Wild Wings/History

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There are stories, but few known facts about the history of the Mexico City Wild Wings, and the inner workings of the team are largely conducted behind closed doors. There are allusions to methods of scrying or divination involving wingsauce, various secret projects the purpose of which is undisclosed and organiseations such as the Gastronomic Conjury Guild. But the team roster, one of the most stable in Blaseball history, and the fans at least appear to be shielded from the inner workings, enjoying a reputation for good splortsmanship and a welcoming attitude.

The Wild Wings currently play in a stadium known as The Bucket, located on a lake within Mexico City. Due to the outwardly Chaotic appearance of the Wild Wings's roster and managerial style, their initial placement in the Lawful Evil League was often called into question. The Wild Wings Legal Team were largely responsible for ensuring the team's activities remained within the law. After placement in the Mild League activated the Wild Wings Legal Team to take legal action against the Blaseball Gods themselves.

Recent History

The Roster

The Season 尾4 elections were the first time that the Wild Wings had a change to the stats of the roster, with Burke Gonzales and Ronan Combs getting alternate forms and Jos茅 Haley acquiring the Mushroom item. Until then, the Wings were completely unaffected by time. The Wings are still largely immune to the chaos of blaseball however, the Wild Wings are currently the only team to not have a roster change since the beginning of Internet League Blaseball. The Wings have not experienced incineration, a trade, or even a team shuffle. Functionally, the Wings roster is a time capsule to the beginning of blaseball itself. The reason for the immunity of the Wings is unclear, current theories include: secret influence by the Wild Wings Legal Team, protection from weather due to The Bucket, exceedingly strong plot armor, and the extreme spice of the team itself.


Up until The Weather Event of Season 6, the Wings had not experienced a single weather event. While many weather events had occurred to Wings opponents during games, nothing had ever effected the team itself. The event was a shock to the fans and team alike, as most had become used to the immunity of the Wings. The event was cited by many as proof that The Bucket had started to crumble, as many believe that The Bucket is the only thing standing between the Wings and the chaos of the splort. It is currently believed that whatever entity protecting the Wings from roster change is also the same one protecting them from weather events.