Guy Flieri

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Guy Flieri is the mysterious figure that is behind the management of the Mexico City Mild Wings.

It is unclear if Guy Flieri is one person, a collection of people crowded within a holographic t-shirt, or a lesser avatar of Lawful Evil itself. What is clear is that Guy Flieri's persistence in blaseball is a sign that the entity is interested in trying out progressively more arcane rules with splorts.

Flieri primarily communicates through wing sauce patterns found on leftover wing dishes. This process is initiated by either the Gastronomic Conjury Guild, the batter with the highest average, or the pitcher with the lowest ERA.

There have been some players in previous iterations of the team who report that they often dream of a figure clad in black robes that have glossy orange flames embroidered on the fabric, whispering excitedly about "the flavor of blaseball", and how each at-bat gives further inspiration to the Perfect Wing.

What the Perfect Wing is has yet to be discovered.