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The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.


The Mexico City Mild Wings are notable due to their their lack of roster changes. The Season β4 elections were the first time that a Wing player had a change of stats, with the Mushroom blessing being given to José Haley and the Alternate Reality versions of Ronan Combs and Burke Gonzales appearing. The Wings were again altered during the Season β5 elections, where they were reduced by 3% overall by the Bad Neighbors blessing. Despite these changes, the Wings had still not experienced a weather event, marking them as a standout among blaseball teams. Many believe that The Bucket is the only thing standing between the Wings and the chaos of the splort, but others theorize that the protection of the Wings is related to the Gastronomic Conjury Guild, the Wild Wings Legal Team, or even Guy Flieri themself.

The Weather Event

During a Blooddrain game against the Charleston Shoe Thieves, Season 6, Day 43, Thieves pitcher Beasley Gloom drained the blood (and pitching stars) of Lawrence Horne, taking the entirety of his pitching stat (a half star). This event was the first time in history that a Wings player had been hit by weather. The event was a shock to the fans and team alike, as most had become used to the immunity of the Wings. The event was cited by many as proof that The Bucket had started to crumble, and that its protection was starting to wear off. While this event was a blow, the blow was lessened by the fact that Horne currently has no use of his pitching stat, and thus the Wings functionally had not changed.

The Aftershock

Closely following The Weather Event, in Season 6, Day 53, the Wild Wings experienced another weather event. The Wings' own Rafael Davids drained the blood of the Philly Pies hitter, Eduardo Woodman. This was unprecedented, and the first case of a Wild Wings player having a usable stat change due to weather. Due to this, the event as been regarded as just as, or possibly even more important than the initial event. This also served as even more proof that the protection of The Bucket had been destroyed, and that the era of Wing immunity had possibly seen an end.