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Lua error in Module:Ballpark at line 25: attempt to index a nil value. The Basin of Mexico Park (also known as The Bucket) is the current home ballpark of the Mexico City Wild Wings, located on the outskirts of Mexico City.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.


From the outside, the Bucket appears too short to be a regulation Blaseball ballpark. However upon entering, one can see that the park is significantly taller than it first appears, as it is partially sunken into the ground, with the ground floor housing box seating, and general admittance underneath. While this has generated some architectural concerns, the ballpark does technically conform to standard ILB guidelines, and the Wings maintain their position on keeping the ballpark this way on the basis that “it’s cool as hell, though”. Concessions, restrooms, and team facilities are located in a series of maze-like subterranean chambers, which are incredibly difficult to navigate.

The Lid

“The Bucket Protects” is a commonly heard phrase among Wild Wings fans, and for good reason- despite a 20% fatality rate among blaseball players during the Discipline Era, not a single incineration has occurred during a Wild Wings home game. This is in no small part due to the ballpark’s non-retractable, slightly domed roof, the Lid, the implementation of which generated a legal battle so fierce that it prompted Wings management to hire an official Legal Team to manage any future legal complications (See: Wild Wings Legal Team). Despite the best efforts of the Bucket’s architects however, the park is not completely weather-proof. For some particular reason, the rate of blooddrain in particular is rather high, although the reason for this is unclear; some speculate that the Lid may have issues with leakage, while others report that the excess of blood is coming from beneath the ballpark itself.


  • The Bucket's most celebrated tradition is its sauce cannons, which fire jets of sauce skyward whenever the home team scores a dinger. The cannons draw sauce from a sauce lake and extensive underground saucequifer adjacent to The Bucket.
  • In accordance with Wings superstition, an oversized fleece blanket nicknamed "Ol' Cozy" is draped over the scoreboard before each game to prevent viewing of the score.
  • In honor of the deceased Miguel Wheeler, who hit a post-mortem RBI single after being incinerated in an away game during the Season 7 Semifinals, a set of tire marks have been scorched along the path to first base.

Reserved Seating

Although most of the seats in the ballpark are open to all fans, certain notable seating areas are reserved. The top few rows of the park, for example, are reserved exclusively for Wild Wings player Cell Barajas, whose previous iterations enjoy watching (and occasionally interfering with) home games. As their numbers are constantly growing, the Cells have also taken roost in the support scaffolding of The Lid, performing what passes as maintenance to the best of their ability.

In addition, several adjacent box suites are held in reserve by someone whose name is not publicly available. There are rumors that the holders are related to José Haley, but there is no evidence to back this up besides the section’s inhabitants: between 30 and 50 wolves. Despite complaints from guests, the Wild Wings’ Legal Team’s Ballpark Security division states that they are within their rights as perpetual season pass holders. Occasionally, up to five of the wolves will leave in a large van to return in up to an hour, typically with more raw meat and water. How they drive is unknown, because all of the windows have been painted over with flames. This seating area is colloquially referred to as the Wild Wings “Do Not Touch” Tank due to the often fatal nature of interacting with the wolves within. For every home run that is hit into the Do Not Touch Tank, the Wild Wings will donate $5000 to that player’s medical bills.

The Milk

   All guests to the bucket are made to sign a waiver (and tap the sign) stating that they will not drink The Spicy Milk. Nevertheless, it is still sold in the underground portion of the concession stand, though the placement constantly moves to avoid being kicked out by management. One popular drink challenge for guests is to drop a sauced-up wing into a glass of milk and shoot it. There are other challenges, but this one maintains popularity because of “leaked footage” of Rafael “Raf” Davids doing this challenge on a much larger scale. Management desperately asks visitors to not attempt any of the challenges. This seems to have the opposite effect.

In order to appeal to all customers, both gluten and dairy free versions of The Milk are available. Spicy Cheese is also sold as an option.

Ground Rules

  • Any ball that falls into the sauce lake is quickly devoured by the creatures that dwell within and is considered a triple.
  • There are no home runs in The Bucket. Only dingers.

Retired Ground Rules

  • Originally, Bucket ground rules stated the game ended immediately in the Wings' favor if an eagle caught a fly ball and touched down on home base. Wings ownership quietly removed the rule after the Great Falconry Scandal of '12.


There are several parking lots adjacent to the Bucket that are owned by the team, although parking prices tend to fluctuate unpredictably

There is a parking lot very close to the ballpark that costs nothing to park in, but is a risky place to park, as there is no security and cars would frequently end games missing tires. Colloquially known as “Wheeler’s Warehouse”, this is rumored to be where Miguel would source his tires when he needed a new one. After Wheeler’s incineration, a memorial was constructed in the lot. A tire is being burned there 24/7. Carved into the ground around it is a list of all players that have been incinerated.

Transportation Access

All transportation to and from the Bucket is managed by Adkins Gwiffin. It is unknown how they manage the large amount of traffic all by themselves, but it is undeniable that they are doing a great job.


  • After the events of Season β6, the Blaseball Gods are now banned for life from The Bucket.
  • You cannot choose your sauce when you order wings at The Bucket. The sauce chooses you.
  • While the ballpark concession stands do sell corn dogs, they are heavily discouraged.
  • After Season 11, when the Wings won the Sun card, Sun 1 came by to chill. It hangs out above the Bucket while Sun 2 does sun things. Sun 1 has toned down its output, but still glows at all times. The Bucket is completely solar powered.
  • While other ballparks installed an automated Peanut Mister, the Bucket employs a Peanut Mister. This employee's enthusiasm may be responsible for the increase number of players that have been cured of their allergies.