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Leach Herman is a player for the Mexico City Wild Wings, and has been with the team since Season 2, Day 79. Herman has previously played for the Dallas Steaks. In Season β3, Leach Herman was one of the best pitchers in the league, recording a 16-4 record and a 0.953 WHIP.

Official League Records

Herman joined the ILB as a pitcher for the Dallas Steaks with the Return of Blaseball.

During the Season β4 elections, Herman was affected by the Alternate Reality decree and replaced by an Alternate. This involved Herman's stats being randomized, resulting in a combined 10.5 5.3 stat decrease.

During the Season β6 elections, Herman had their Alternate called once again due to the Collect Call blessing, randomizing their stats from 5.3 9.5 . They were the first player to be Alternated multiple times.

On Season β7, Day 97, Herman received a boost thanks to Enhanced Party Time, raising each of their ratings by half a star.

During the Season β9 election, Herman received the Friend of Crows due to the passing of the Forecast: Birds decree.

On Season β10, Day 76, Herman threw a no-hitter against the Charleston Shoe Thieves.

In the Season β12 elections, Herman received a boost to all stats due to the Steaks' Infuse will.

Over the course of Season β23, Herman entered and exited the Steaks' Shadows three times as a result of Ratified Fax Machine events, ending the Season in the Shadows.

On Season β24, Day 50, Herman joined the Steaks' pitching rotation in exchange for Orville Manco as a result of the Ratified Fax Machine.

During Season 2, Day 79, Herman fell to the Mexico City Wild Wings during a game in Horizon weather, becoming Buried.


The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Nature of Being

While only a single player in the lineup, Leach Herman is actually a symbiote between a leech and a Herman. Herman is an average Longhorn demon who is being Ratatouille'd by a leech under his Blaseball cap.

It is unclear by what mechanism the leech is able to control Herman's actions, or how an organism with only a few nerve cells is able to take coaching, read signals, or understand the rules of the game.

History of Symbiosis

Although initially distressed by the blood-sucking parasite stuck to his scalp somehow manipulating his demonic body to perform feats of athletic ability, Herman has since come to view the situation as mutually beneficial, their relationship blossoming into a borderline-unhealthy co-dependency. Leach Herman (aka known as "Leach and Her Man" to fans) was named Blaseball's Hottest Couple 3 years in a row by Glossip magazine.

Their impressive WHIP in season 3 was considered a massive success and accomplishment for the acceptance of symbiote pitchers in Blaseball.

Bizarro Herman

At the end of Season β4, the leech was replaced with a doppelgänger from an alternate reality. Fans and teammates refer to the new symbiote as "Bizarro" Herman due to their unfamiliarity with the rules of blaseball. Steaks parapsychologist Ham Sanders refuses to break doctor-patient confidentiality, but suggests that "in many alternate dimensions, leeches are considered parasites."

Pro-glolf comments made by Bizarro Herman following Season 4, Day 45 prompted a formal investigation into the leech's home dimension. Initial findings suggest the Baseball-Glolf Clonflict ended differently there, with many blaseball stadiums replaced by glolf courses.

The Collect Call

The team attempted to locate Herman's original leech throughout Seasons 5 and 6. Area grilldads volunteered their garages, sheds, and rumpus rooms for the construction of a network of transuniversal ham radios known as the Collect Call. They were unable to locate the original leech, but made contact with a doppelgänger from a second alternate reality. She signed with the Steaks for a way out of a "bad situation," reportedly saying that the "blitz was coming" and that she "had to scramble to survive."

The location of Bizarro Herman's initial replacement leech is unknown and, unfortunately, so is the location of the original leech.


"Oh God, gross, it’s in my hair, oh God, pull it out, ugh... n-no. No! it's stuck. It's stuck! Oh God, why?!" — Herman, upon first meeting leech

"My arms... wha- what's happening to my arms?" — Herman, the first time leech made him throw a fastball.

"I can't imagine life without you. Please never leave." — Herman, whenever things get too quiet.

"(squishing, sucking noises)" — leech, constantly.

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