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José Haley was a lineup player for the Chicago Firefighters, and was with the team from the Season β7 elections until being incinerated on Season β8, Day 36. Haley also played for the Mexico City Wild Wings.

Official League Record

Haley joined the ILB as a lineup player for the Mexico City Wild Wings with the Return of Blaseball.

At the end of Season β4, Haley was affected by the Mushroom blessing, giving him an Item of the same name.

On Season β7, Day 16, Haley siphoned some of Greer Lott's hitting ability.

During the Season β7 elections, Haley was traded to the Chicago Firefighters in exchange for Axel Cardenas via the Champs in the Making blessing.

On Season β8, Day 36, Haley was incinerated and replaced by Goobie Ballson.


The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Haley is a werewolf, having been bitten by a rabid wolf in the parking lot of a Buffalo Wild Wings at the age of 7 and turning into a wolf on every subsequent full moon since. He hails from Cancún, and despite his Buffalo wing-related childhood trauma, his favorite wing is a Buffalo wing.

He goes by the nickname "Home Run."

The Franklin Incident

At some point in time, it was discovered that Howell Franklin of the Houston Spies had obtained lycanthropy from the Wild Wings' werewolf star. According to Haley, Franklin was discovered in the Wild Wings locker room in The Bucket. Both parties claim that the lycanthropic mishap was caused by an accidental bite, an unfortunate result of a teeth-first trip and fall. While the official record of the incident reflects this statement, many rumors have spread about the bite originating from a spicy night of ██████ activities, a night both literally and figuratively saucy. Since then, Haley has been allegedly spotted with a mysterious looking figure in the outskirts of the city. Any question addressed to Haley about these tales is denied quickly, but with a slight blush.

Thirty-Six Days in Chicago

José Haley and fellow former Wild Wings teammate Kennedy Rodgers arrived at O’Hare following the Season 7 election,[1], summoned by Chicago’s fans and residents to see if they could help the notoriously middle-of-the-road Firefighters chase another playoff title.

The transition from Mexico City was difficult, but the beginning of a new season required a rapid adjustment. Soon, Haley joined the Firefighters on regular shifts. “I really like rolling down the window of the truck and sticking my head out,” he said in an interview after the first game of Season 8. “And everyone is very welcoming. I’m from CDMX, but I’m from Chicago too.”

Haley’s new teammates emphasized from the beginning the importance of Chicago’s, and by extension the Firefighters’, history to help him smoothly integrate with the team's culture. One aspect of Haley’s transition in particular was to teach him about the dedication of the Firefighters to their work, especially about their track record of trying to prevent incinerations.

“The story of Tyreek Olive really resonates with me,” he is quoted in a local newspaper as saying, after the Firefighters played against the Unlimited Tacos on day 5 of Season 8 under a solar eclipse. “I knew of them, way back in season one, but I almost forgot about them. Justice was saying that Tyreek was incinerated in a Tacos game. It just sticks with you, is all.”

The Death of José Haley

Haley’s career with the Firefighters was tragically short-lived. In a home game against the San Francisco Lovers, Haley saved Ortiz Lopez from incineration during her at-bat by throwing himself in front of a rogue umpire.

However, some allege that this version of events is a cover-up. Sources say that the fire of the rogue umpire originated from the ████████████ of Goobie Ballson, Haley’s replacement, and claim Ballson’s pregame ritual[2] is “proof enough.”

Haley’s Legacy

Some claim Kennedy Rodgers mentioned hearing Haley’s voice over the Dispatch, but the pitcher has refused to discuss it when asked directly. Haley appears in a stained-glass mural in the Fire House alongside other deceased Firefighters, holding a fire axe upon which mushrooms grow.

Like all of us, he is from Chicago. During his tenure with the Chicago Firefighters, his number was 608.



Fan Works


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  1. Axel Cardenas who had also come with the team, turned around as soon as the plane touched down in O’Hare.
  2. “Washing the blood off”