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Hades, the god of death, is usually recognized as the owner of Hades Tigers. Legally speaking, Persephone is considered the owner, and supposedly performs most of the duties related to managing the team, with Hades merely using it to promote his brand. Due to Persephone's continued avoidance of public appearances, it has often been speculated that she does not actually exist and Hades maintains her identity as a front to avoid taxes.


The Hades Tigers play in Sixth Circle Stadium (aka "the Ampitheather" or "the Orpheum"), which is located at the heart of downtown Tartarus, both in the sense of being located at the center of the region and being located in the heart of the primordial deity Tartarus whose body is the land itself. It is recommended fans make the appropriate ritual offerings to Tartarus before entering the stadium.

True Name

The team is technically called the Hades Tiger's, as evidenced by the "Many stripes! One tiger!" chant commonly heard during games. Due to a typography error in a bulk merchandise order, this fact is little-known and rarely respected by other teams. The implied existence of a specific Hades Tiger for which the team is named is hotly debated by the team's fans.


The team slogan is most likely a reference to the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice.

Official Sponsorships

The Official Drink of the Hades Tigers is Violent Lightning, an alcoholic performance enhancing energy drink said to have been blessed by the spirit of Violence himself. Since his incineration, sales of the drink have tripled.

Hellmouth Sunbeams

Since the opening of the Hellmouth, an indeterminate number of the Tigers' roster have been dating an equally indeterminate number of the Hellmouth Sunbeams's roster at any given time, and nobody is quite sure how many or for how long. This unholy coupling has resulted in many cute Hell dates, corresponding with the presence of unusual meteorologic phenomena such as raining jellyfish, frog tornadoes, and gelatin earthquakes. Any inquiries with the players as to their relationship status with the Sunbeams have resulted in such a localized weather phenomena following the inquirer for several days, so most fans and media have learned to avoid this topic altogether.


The Hades Tigers' uniforms are the red of dried blood, with stripes in the black of the abyss, and the Tigers wordmark and player number emblazoned on the jersey in the orange of the eternal fires of the underworld.

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