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The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Tartarus is both a city in Hades and a primordial deity. It is best known for Sixth Circle Stadium, home of the Hades Tigers franchise, located deep within the downtown abyssal pit. The climate in Tartarus is described by locals as consisting of hellish summers and mild winters. It should be noted that a "mild" winter by Hades standards consists of hundred-degree heat.


Originally, Tartarus was used to house those truly evil souls damned to eternal ironic torments. After Hades was reorganized during the 14th century, Tartarus was made a part of the sixth circle. Most damned souls were moved to the newly-established Ninth Circle Torturorium, though a few more scenic and family-friendly tortures were left in place. (Sisyphus Park is a particularly popular tourist destination.) In time, it grew into a sprawling metropolis with a thriving arts and music scene, and its own Blaseball team.

Tartarus is not just a location, but also a deity whose form physical form is the land itself. Historically it used its power to become a constantly shifting, inescapable maze to prevent the damned from escaping. Visitors are advised to make appropriate ritual offerings before entering the city. Those who do will find they rarely encounter traffic and reach their destination quickly and safely. Those who fail to make the appropriate offerings or offend Tartarus in some way will find themselves completely lost, travelling deeper and deeper in the endless arcane depths of the city no matter which path they choose, until they die alone and forgotten where nobody will ever see them, and miss the Blaseball game they just bought tickets for.

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