Landry's Laundry

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The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

A coin- and soul-operated laundry in Tartarus that bears no affiliation, association, authorization, endorsement by, or official connection with Landry Violence.

It was originally opened by a Hades Tigers superfan named Maxie Summerviolencetelephoneharrelduffycookbookmorinaliciakeyscastillomengmasonwilcoxfigueroaowens, The First. After witnessing Violence's incineration, the owner would decide to sell the property to the Turnip Crime Family and go on a long introspective trip on the meaning of Blaseball, changing their name to Maxie Summerturniptelephoneharrelduffycookbookmorinaliciakeyscastillomengmasonwilcoxfigueroaowens, violencemayheliveforever, The First.

The clothes come out of the machines singed, but incredibly clean. On demon contract, the official name is Landry's Laundry, but due to an error with the sign shop, the sign reads as "Landry's Landry."

Since Landry's unfortunate incineration, Landry's Laundry has seen an upswing in traffic and now offers to wash and iron denim jackets for free.

The bathrooms are for employees only.