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The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Hotel Umbra is a hotel located in Hades. It is a 2 star hotel located 0.5 kilometers from the Sixth Circle Stadium and primarily known for containing the Shadows of the Hades Tigers.


Despite being a known landmark of the Hades cityscape, few are able to provide directions to descriptions of the Hotel are scanter still. Most agree the Hotel is tall, as it can be seen above other buildings surrounding it. Despite this, attempts to reach Umbra by physically navigating the already maze-like streets of Hades have been unsuccessful. When attempted, the Hotel allegedly remains visible but never closer.

Accounts from visitors of the Hotel describe finding it as getting lost on a dark night and simply stumbling onto it, the warm light of the lobby through its open front doors being the only visible light in the darkness. Others describe simply leaning under an awning to take a breath or refuge from the sun and opening their eyes to the Hotel suddenly present across the streets.

While all visitors report highly detailed descriptions of the Hotel itself, none of the provided details corroborate with each other. However what can be gleaned from even disparate descriptions is that the lobby of Umbra is homely and welcoming. All guests are welcomed with all necessary and desired accommodations and report a good image of the Hotel and its staff as a result.

The Hotel evidently contains multiple floors based on reports describing difficulties navigating stairwells and elevators. According to the hotel guide, there are currently 21,456 floors, with a further 12 floors planned for future expansion. One visitor could swear that going down a staircase led them to a door which opened onto the roof, where they then found a lift cabin which only offered the option to go up. As confusing as the Hotel’s interior appears to be, guests consistently report the manager, Nagomi Meng, being able to navigate the Hotel to aid guests when lost.

Leaving Hotel Umbra is often described as “confusing” and “slightly intimidating”, though accounts agree that there is a clear and robust checkout system in place. It appears that visitors wishing to leave without checking out of the Hotel, regardless of wether or not they have checked in by their own account, get lost in navigating the jungle surrounding Umbra. The apparent occlusion of sunlight around it makes it difficult to orient oneself. Many end up finding themselves emerging back into one of Umbra’s facilities without realising.

After checking out and filling the ledger, Meng provides directions that have allowed guests to end up seamlessly back in the sunny streets of Hades before even realising it. When turning back to see where they came from, they report seeing the Hotel back in the distance as it has been, often reasoning that they were too focused on following the specific directions to realise how far they’d gotten.


Hotel Umbra has existed since 1122 BCE. A sprawling hotel in Hades, it contains every luxurious facility, especially the one you’re thinking of right now that you think doesn’t exist. Despite occupying a finite plot of land in Hades, the Hotel is known for its infinite number of hotel rooms. While such oddities are common in Hades, its infinite nature makes it both unique and slightly more hazardous than most hotels.

Nagomi Meng was the first active Tigers player to be sent to its Shadows, and the first known entity to begin active management of Hotel Umbra. Meng remains the head manager of the Hotel and continues to run its daily operations. Prior to her move to Umbra, Meng was known for her expertise in understanding and ‘glitching’ through dimensional oddities. Part of her success in running the Hotel is attributed to this, as well as Meng’s own development from Blaseball player to hotel proprietor.

Numerous rumors center around the hotel. Some of the most famous ones included the odd sound of paper and insects near a specific foosball table and the unexplained presence of eggs everywhere.

During Season 23, Stephens Lightner arrived at Hotel Umbra thanks to the Phantom Thieves Guild. Stephen Lightner is also known as the Lightner Collective, a collection of entities named Stephen who occupy the same position unless stabilized and allowed to spread out by gazing agate, a mineral found in the Pit, a deep non-Euclidean pit found underneath the Pocket in Breckenridge, Colorado. Upon the arrival of Stephen Lightner from the Pit, Meng, Ren Morin and Zion Aliciakeyes assisted in the installation of gazing agate along the molding of the Hotel in order to allow them to spread out and live in comfort. The Lightner Collective serves various roles in the Hotel, from permanent guests to members of the staff.


Hotel Umbra is home to numerous amenities and accomodations in order to serve any of its guests or inhabitants. Some examples include numerous pools, eateries, ballrooms, discos, libraries, unknown tunnels and holes.

The Hotel is surrounded by one of the many forests of Hades and often will receive new guests and players from there. Some notable examples include Matteo Triumphant who ‘wandered’ into the Tigers and Sullivan Septemberish, a well known entity from the forests.

Featured Amenity

Hotel Umbra is a hotel of endless and ever shifting delights. To list all its amenties would be an impossibility, but to remember one of them is not. This time, the Interdimensional Rumor Mill reveals a Amenity from IF-25.84 out of its Amenity Registry...

The Hotel Umbra contains a branch of the Hades Transit Authority, where guest can renew or apply for driver’s license. Applying in this branch of the Hades Transit Authority will also allow guests to drive on hotel grounds, specific vehicle depending on the type of license they apply for. Go karts do not require licenses in all go kart allowed areas.

Notable People

The Shadow roster of the Hades Tigers are the only known permanent residents of Hotel Umbra. Below is a list of known current/former employees and notable guests.

Former Inhabitants