Sisyphus Park

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The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Sisyphus Park is a popular tourist destination in Tartarus. It's notable for being one of the few locations in the underworld where plant life can grow, and for being the location of Sisyphus's eternal torment. Visitors are encouraged to stop by and watch Sisyphus roll his boulder uphill, and it makes for a popular picnic destination. Sisyphus is usually willing to chat with visitors, as "it gets pretty boring doing this alone."

Sisyphus Park is also home to Hades' famous pomegranate groves, which mortal visitors are heavily encouraged to try. Paula Turnip's company holds exclusive rights to sell Hades pomegranates.

Hades Tigers players can often be found at Sisyphus park between home games as it is close to Sixth Circle Stadium. (Distances more exact than "close" being difficult to define in a non-euclidean, ever-shifting, possibly infinite city that is also a primordial being.)