Fearful Symmetry

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Fearful Symmetry is the current general manager of the Hades Tigers. Fearful Symmetry has been observing Blaseball for centuries, but has only learned of it three days before the start of Season 尾1. Despite her relative new entry to the splort, she is widely regarded by both Tiger's player and fans as having gotten very good at her job, very, very quickly.

Fearful Symmetry takes on the appearance of an ancient Greek statue. Hades Tigers players and staff who have met her describe more specific details of her appearance. If asked again, they will often give an entirely different description the second time. The exception to this is Nagomi Meng, who consistently describes her as "low-poly with awful textures, I couldn't even make out any of the details."

Fearful Symmetry's office is located in Sixth Circle Stadium. Tigers players and staff describe it as "filled with statues, seriously creepy" and "lit only by the eternal flames of the underworld". Several of them report not noticing Fearful Symmetry's presence in the room until she began moving, mistaking her for one of her statues. She requires Tigers players to sign their contracts in ink made of ashes and pomegranate juice, because like Persephone, they are only bound to Hades during the Blaseball season.

Air Bud Clause

Fearful Symmetry has become notorious for invoking Blaseball's Air Bud Clause frequently. Notable instances include: