Achilleus of Phthia Memorial Styx Wiggler

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The Achilleus of Phthia Memorial Styx Wiggler is a building in Tartarus filled with reed baskets along the Styx and Phlegethon, where Hades players are made Fireproof and given Sealant. The Styx Wiggler was designed to avoid the fate of ancient Tigers player Achilleus of Phthia, who was made Fireproof on his entire body except for his heel, which allowed an Umpire to incinerate him. The reed baskets, not unlike deep fryers, allow Tigers players to be given a nice, even coating to fully protect them from harm.

Tigers Players' Wiggles Experiences

Nerd Pacheco

Although they only spent one season on the Tigers, and did so inside of a man-sized peanut shell, Nerd Pacheco was still given the Wiggler treatment as any team member would. It should be noted that this only affected the shell, and not Nerd themself, who only gained mild bruises and chipped an antler.

Nicholas Mora

Nicholas Mora was reported taking a trip to the Styx Wiggler multiple times in one season. Sources claim this was due to other Tigers players telling Nicholas that he needed to get wiggled before every game for the fire-proofing effects to be effective. Some citizens of Tartarus report that you could hear Nicholas scream "THIS TEAM IS A NIGHTMARE" when he discovered that was in fact not the case.

Richmond Harrison

Richmond Harrison was a regular visitor to the Styx Wiggler during his career on the Tigers, occasionally spending entire breaks between games simply sitting in a basket in the Styx. When asked about this behavior and whether it would affect his performance on the team, captain Hiroto Wilcox shrugged, saying, "I don't know what to tell you. Guy likes to be wet. Now get out of my hole."