Sixth Circle Stadium

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Sixth Circle Stadium (also known as The Ampitheater) is the home ballpark of the Hades Tigers.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Location and Structure

Sixth Circule Staidum is located at 666 Never Look Back Way in the middle of downtown Tartarus. NLB Way is a one way, dead end street, as Hades has a rich history of supporting public transportation. The Tigers claim Sixth Circle Stadium is the largest in Blaseball in terms of seating — it can host all the uncountable souls of the damned. This claim has been impossible to officially verify, as the seats are equally uncountable.

The innards of the ballpark are labyrinthine. Attempts to map them have met with failure, as they seem to constantly shift. Locals claim this due to the ballpark being constructed in the heart of Tartarus, where the primordial diety's influence is strongest. Visitors are recommended to pay close attention to all signs and make the proper ritual offerings in order to navigate to their seats.

Since the incineration of Landry Violence, an eternal storm cloud that occasionally releases bolts of red lightning has hovered above the ballpark. The topmost rows of seats have been designated the "splash zone" with a corresponding increase in ticket price. Usurper Violet entered his first game when a purple lightning bolt struck home plate. The connection between Violet and the storm is unclear.

Left Field Hole

Hades Tigers pitcher Hiroto Wilcox lives in a hole in left field. Hiroto does not allow others into the hole, and nobody who has entered the hole uninvited has returned. Those who Hiroto has invited in refuse to speak of its contents.

Deadly Seats

There is one rumor about the ballpark that is undeniably true — at least eight of the seats are known to be deadly. Eyewitness testimonials state that spectators who sat in those seats were "instantly destroyed." These seats have been temporarily cordoned off.

Food Court

The ballpark's food court, "EAT. CONSUME. FEAST." offers a wide selection of sustenance, [ COME, DRINK MORE ] commonly nicknamed "the tenth circle" by locals due to the food there being worse than the cruelest tortures the demons of Hades have devised. Come get a Blood Pact Ham [ OPEN YOUR MOUTH ] burger from Morby's, try a Ghost Pepper Valley Taco from Taco Hell, or munch on a Frank Hotdog from Nathan's Hotdog's. Try the daily chef specials of our world famous inhouse sushi chef, Milkhead Kentucky Jr.! Our most popular treat are our Clacker Jacks that contain exciting prizes ranging from blaseball cards to a wide variety of weapons. Lucky winners might find an RPG launcher! Fun for the whole family!


Any conspiracy theories by nonsensical blabbers claiming the food court is a summoning circle and customers are playing a part in some long-term ritual planned by the builders are complete rubbish. [ ARE WE NOT KIND? ]

An expansion to the food court has recently been announced by ballpark management.[1]

Laser Pointer Days

On days ending with six, Sixth Circle Stadium hosts "Laser Pointer Days" where they give out laser pointers to every attendee. These are used primarily to lure Ren Morin from base to base, chasing the little red dots. The laser pointers normally are on sale for reasonable amounts of peanuts.

General Manager's Office

Fearful Symmetry's office is believed to be inside Sixth Circle Stadium. Several expeditions have attempted to locate it, with those that returned reporting no sign of it. Hades Tigers players and staff claim that when Symmetry wishes to speak to someone, that person inevitably gets lost in the bowels of the ballpark and stumbles across the entrance without meaning to.

Landry Violence Memorial Hall

After the tragic incineration of Landry Violence, the memorial hall was set up to honor him. His Blaseball equipment, along with the charred remains of his iconic jacket, are on display here. Fans regularly leave offerings in the hall before each game, in the hopes that Landry's spirit will bring the team victory.

After the series of incinerations suffered by the Tigers at the hands of Jaylen Hotdogfingers in Season 7, the hall has grown to include memorials for other fallen players. Exhibits include: