Usurper Violet

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Usurper Violet is a player in the Shadows for the Philly Pies and has been with the team since the Season β15 elections. Violet has previously played for the Hades Tigers.

Official League Records

Violet joined the league on Season β7, Day 71 as a lineup player for the Hades Tigers, due to the incineration of Frasier Shmurmgle.

On Season β7, Day 86, Violet siphoned some of Dallas Steaks batter Summers Pony's defensive ability due to Blooddrain weather, increasing it from to .

During the Coffee Cup, Violet played for the Light & Sweet Electric Co. as a pitcher.

Violet was traded to the Philly Pies in exchange for Jessica Telephone during the Season β15 elections via the Tigers' Plunder will.

During the Season β20 elections, Violet retreated to the Pies' Shadows in exchange for Doc Anice as a result of the Pies' Roster Swap will, resulting in a combined 11.7 12.6 stat increase.

Player History

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Usurper Violet is a Fury. Violet was created by Hades in the aftermath of Ruby Tuesday. Hades formed the raw rage and grief of Tigers fans into a physical form, the first of a new order of Furies dedicated to preventing necromancy and punishing those responsible for it. Once complete, Violet emerged from the lightning storm above Sixth Circle Stadium to join the Tigers. One fan in the audience at the time described Violet's entry into the game:

As the lightning above 6th Circle Stadium crackled, and the ashes blew in the wind, Hades knew that it was time. Prepared for just such situations, in which the gods themselves needed to be confronted for their crimes of incineration, Hades sounded the horn. The lightning coalesced above the stadium, as a Fury specially prepared for this moment took form. His purple glow suffused the crowd and the players, and Usurper Violet landed on the field, clutching his weapon. An ultraviolet glow, the weapon changed shape, first to a spear, then a sword, and finally a maul. Xe was prepared to avenge the fallen comrades, and take the fight to the gods themselves.

Violet's shapeshifting weapon/Blaseball bat usually takes the form of a blunt weapon such as a mace, maul, or hammer, as these forms are optimal for "cracking peanuts." This choice has led to some pointed debates with former teammate Spears Taylor.

Pre-Blaseball Career

Though Violet has not provided details of xyr past in interviews, esoteric scholars have connected xem to a number of figures in the history of demonology, most notably the unnamed entity summoned by Xanthippes of Rhodes in 503 BCE who opened a "portal maleficent" that caused the wholesale destruction of the city Euteretes. Gnostic texts purported to be written by the pre-Socratic philosopher Parmenides (but which historians concur likely date from Christian writers in Late Antiquity) reference a "being of noble and terrible purpose, imperially appointed, [likely a reference to the purple cloaks of Roman Emperors, another point placing this text after the Imperial period] who sought to mantle the throne of the psuedo-demiurge and shatter its Form [this likely references the Platonic Theory of Forms, indicating the being is going to destroy the "psuedo-demiurge" in a metaphysical sense, somehow removing the idealized notion of its existence from reality]."

When contacted about Violet's resume, the head of Demonic Resources in Hades declined to release full information, stating only that "Usurper Violet's long history of exemplary Damnation Management leaves no doubt that xe is fully qualified to play the splort of blaseball and/or dethrone a God."

Move to Philadelphia

After the Tigers won the fireproof blessing, Violet felt adrift. Xe was no longer needed to stop incinerations, and all necromancy was taking place far from Hades. So when xe felt a strong rage coming from Philadelphia xe decided to head there and help them. Upon arrival however, xe learned that the Pies' rage was not due to necromancy or incineration, but was instead from the commissioner rigging things against the Pies. After learning that the usual methods of yelling and violence had been tried, Violet decided to learn new punishment methods that might work against the commissioner, and enrolled in Penn Law. After passing the bar (banning xem from ever playing on the Breath Mints) they set out to protect Philly using xyr new specialized lawyerly yelling. It hasn’t worked yet, but the effort is appreciated.

A typo in an email from the Tigers to Sam Hinkie resulted in the Pies believing that Violet was a Furry rather than a Fury. Upon xyr arrival, they surprised xem with a fursuit and tickets to Anthroclon, much to Violet’s confusion. However this effort to make Violet feel like part of the team was appreciated and xe has started to mellow out and form bonds with the Pies during xyr time in Philly. Violet even took up baking, which xe approaches with the same intensity xe does xyr other work, producing intricate Grecian inspired lattice crust. They have also attempted to bond with the team by trying out their hobbies, with varying degrees of success.

Violet lives in the Underhot beneath the Tastycake Stadium, as it reminds xem of home. This technically makes xem roommates with the Pies mascot the Philadelphia Philling. Some suppose that the hijinks the two got into would make a great sitcom. However no cameras left in the Underhot have survived.  When asked about the Philling, Violet merely muttered "It seems that not all demons are in the Hellmouth," and said no more.

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