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Hiroto Wilcox was a pitcher for the Atlantis Georgias, and was with the team from Season β23, Day 83 until Fall Ball. Wilcox has played for the Seattle Garages and the Hades Tigers.

Official League Records

Wilcox joined the ILB as a pitcher for the Hades Tigers with the Return of Blaseball.

In Season β8, Wilcox pitched five shutouts during the course of the regular season, one behind the all-time record set by Campos Arias.

In the Season β9 elections, Wilcox was affected by the Tag Team Pitching blessing, increasing their pitching rating from to . They gained the Friend of Crows modification due to the Forecast: Birds decree.

During the Coffee Cup, Wilcox played for Heavy FC as a pitcher.

Wilcox was traded to the Seattle Garages in exchange for Lenny Marijuana during the Season β16 elections via the Tigers' Equivalent Exchange will.

Wilcox was traded back to the Hades Tigers in exchange for Lenny Marijuana during the Season β17 elections via the Tigers' Equivalent Exchange will.

During the Season β20 elections, Wilcox's stats were rerolled and they gained the Alternate and Negative modifications as a result of the Couldn't Hurt blessing.

On Season β23, Day 83, Wilcox was exchanged to the Atlantis Georgias due to Feedback. Wilcox was replaced by Siobhan Chark.

Player History

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Hiroto Wilcox is a Japanese Hadean player of secretive origins. A woman of few words, Hiroto Wilcox is the Hades Tiger's "Ace in the Hole", as she is their strongest pitcher—and also because she is asexual and lives in a hole she dug in left field, which no one is allowed into. At least three players from other teams have broken their leg tripping into the hole while fielding, but manager Fearful Symmetry has assured the press that it was "probably their own fault," and that "if they didn't want to break their legs, they shouldn't have stepped in the hole. I thought we were pretty clear about that." An anonymous member of the Pies informed the press that the hole has a leaf-strewn tarp over it to disguise the entrance, but both Symmetry and Wilcox deny this claim.

When asked why she had chosen to live in a hole in Sixth Circle Stadium, Wilcox only responded that, "The rent was cheap," before stepping into the hole and disappearing where reporters couldn't follow. Wilcox was later observed dragging a bear trap into the hole in the dead of night.

Occasionally during a game, a ball will be hit into the hole. When this happens, brightly-colored lights and ringing sounds akin to those of a pinball table occur, and the ball is sent flying out into the air a few seconds later. The mechanism by which this occurs is unclear and Wilcox has refused to elaborate. Umpires have ruled that if a ball enters the hole directly without touching the ground first, it is still considered in flight on popping back out as nobody saw it touch the ground. This usually results in an easy out for the Tigers.

After Moody Cookbook's incineration, Wilcox stepped up as team captain, leading the team to their third championship appearance in Season β8[1], and subsequent third championship in Season β12.

Wilcox is the keeper of the Tigers' Wins, small constructs that reside somewhere in the underground Below Hades. Her hole is said to lead to the habitat of the Wins, and each time the Tigers claim victory, another Win appears Below. The hole is also home to so-called underground terrors; nobody knows what these terrors are, and nobody wants to know. No, seriously, nobody wants to know.

Names in Red

After the death of Landry Violence at the end of Season 3, Moody Cookbook took a recipe book and wrote, the name of the umpire who had killed Landry. This was the start of a new tradition. They wrote down the names of every death in the league and every ump associated with it. Every name written down in red with the intention of trying to do better and a silent promise to try and prevent their deaths from happening again. The list grew longer day by day until suddenly in Season 7 it stopped being recorded altogether.

Along with the captainship Hiroto received all of Moody’s training plans and notes with the recipe book among them. They added Moody Cookbook themself to the list. And then Scorpler McLaughlin. And then the Umpire that killed them. And then Hiroto continued to write down names.

Unknown to anyone else the recipe book resides underground next to the tigers wins, guarded by horrors, and one stalwart captain.

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