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Yazmin Mason was a pitcher for the Hades Tigers, and was with the team from the Season β1 elections until being incinerated on Season β7, Day 71. Mason had previously played for the Philly Pies.

Official League Records

Mason was originally a pitcher for the Philly Pies in Season β1. Mason was traded for Nicholas Mora at the end of the season after blessings, though this trade was never officially recorded anywhere.[1]

Mason was initially a 1/2-star pitcher. During the elections at the end of Season β3, Mason was affected by the Bloodlust Blessing and became a 5-star pitcher.

With the Tigers championship wins in seasons β3 and β4, and having been on the Pies for their victory in Season β1, Yazmin Mason alongside Spears Taylor became the only two players to have won three championships. At the end of the season, Mason was affected by theAlternate Reality Decree, resulting in a 2.5 star pitching rating.

On Season β7, Day 56, Mason's hitting ability was siphoned by Houston Spies batter Valentine Games in a game with Blooddrain weather, bringing it from to

On Season β7, Day 71, Mason was incinerated due to chaining instability caused by Jaylen Hotdogfingers, and replaced by Mummy Melcon.

In Season β10, Mason's popularity among Tigers fans led to her being among the top 14 players in the Hall of Flame. On Day X, Mason became a member of the Hall Stars, batting for the first time and managing to hit a home run during the battle against THE SHELLED ONE'S PODS.

After Day X, Mason was Released from the ILB.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Yazmin Mason Across Dimensions

In the Interdimensional Rumor Mill’s library, there’s an always-evolving book titled Yazmin Mason’s Rumor Registry. A bookmark sticks out from between the pages, labelled IF-17.34 and marking the following entry...

Hailing from Elysium, Mason was born an ordinary deer until she was bit by a radioactive blaseball player, giving her the ability to walk on two legs, grab things with her hooves, and speak in Blaseballian. Taking an interest in blaseball, she used her new abilities to practice in the Elysian Underleagues, where games were played on long open fields with no back fence for harder home runs, and with a much slower pace of play. Despite underwhelming performance during her first three seasons, she quickly became popular with fans for her enthusiasm.

Paula Turnip was Mason's childhood friend, though the two had a falling out over Paula's "unethical business practices" before Mason joined the Tigers.

At this time Mason is refusing to field interviewers' questions about whether she would be more suited for a Good League team.

Season 4 Training Regimen

After losing both teammate Landry Violence and then her rotation-assigned game in Season β3's electric postseason championship, Mason has undergone a startling transformation from the Tigers' struggling rookie pitcher into one of the highest-ranked pitchers in the ILB. After listening to her soulscream, Pitching Coach Kick Rocks assigned her a regimen of exercise, pitching practice, and dark magic rituals that allowed her to rapidly reach her true potential.[2][3]

Mason has foregone the planned surgical addition of thumbs to her hooves, opting instead to levitate the ball through sheer fury. Her new pitching style promises to shake up the league in the upcoming Season 4.

When asked for comment, Mason sniffed at and then ate the pop cover off Eternal Screaming Daily's microphone.

Season 4 Election

Mason pitched the winning game in the Season β4 playoffs in an electric pitching showdown with the Millennials' Patty Fox, clinching the championship for the Tigers 3-0. Now vindicated and enjoying a teamwide boost in morale, Mason no longer seems to be able to muster the anger necessary to use her 'psychic cannon' pitching technique that led to her performance topping the league. Fans attending off-season practice report she has gone back to using her fingerless hooves to pitch, but has kept her non-rage-related development, making her a solid defensive pitcher.

Mason was not available for comment, as she was too busy "just chilling and having a pretty nice time."

Decree Swap

After the Alternate Reality decree was passed, this version of Mason was swapped with her counterpart in IF-47.844. That dimension is difficult to contact due to its high level of divergence from most realities, but Mason was presumably ecstatic to be reunited with Landry Violence, who was never incinerated there.

Since the incineration of her counterpart, both their blaseball caps have been on display in the Landry Violence Memorial Hall.

Mystery Trade

It was discovered during Season 8 by the Society for Internet Blaseball Research that Mason had originally played for the Philly Pies, having been mysteriously traded for Nicholas Mora at the end of Season β1. None of the surviving original Tigers players can remember ever playing alongside Mora, and as neither iteration of Mason is available for questioning, the cause of the trade remains a complete mystery.

Why can nobody remember it? Why won't the commissioner explain it? Does it have anything to do with the investigation into the other mystery blessings in Season 1 that the ILB quietly shut down before any findings were released? Is it really a coincidence that neither of the players who were affected are able to tell us what happened?

Hall Stars

Thanks to the collective tributes of her fans across the world, Mason was chosen to join the Hall Stars in their fight against The Shelled One on Season β10, Day X. Having never batted in an ILB game before, Mason recorded the first and only hit of her career during the battle, a home run. Subsequently, she was Released.

Release from ILB

Freed of her obligations to blaseball and the Hall of Flame, Mason returned home to Elysium in order to live the quiet life there in her cottage. Her former teammates are said to be most welcome to drop by at any time, and she has been sighted visiting many a location on the surface, including Seattle, Sunken Halifax, Chicago, and Kansas City, as well as in the stands at Tigers and Pies games to cheer on her former teammates. With her abundance of free time and perhaps a little Squiddishness, Mason has also managed to open up an interdimensional link between herself and IF-17.34 'Bloodlust' Yazmin Mason, between which the two deer exchange correspondence, updating their respective selves and friends as to how one another are getting on.

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