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The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Creative Output


On the Field

Before each home game, they perform their self-penned team song "Smells Like Team Spirit" in lieu of "The Star-Spangled Banner", which according to team captain and frontman Theodore Duende "doesn't even slap". Pitcher Mike Townsend was kicked out of the group after what the other band members deemed "poor performance in both senses of the word", but remains on the Garages' roster due to legal complications.

The bats used by the Garages are modified to have the appearance of electric guitars, though whether these bats can actually play any music other than harsh noise is debated by some Blaseball fans.

In the Studio

The group's early output was animal-themed. A representative song of this era is "About a Squirrel", which is about a squirrel.[1]

Following Jaylen Hotdogfingers' incineration, the Garages recorded "Heart-Shaped Hotdog".[2]

The group recorded "Black Hole Sunbeam" to commemorate the absolute thrashing the Garages gave the Hellmouth Sunbeams on Season 2 Day 54.

On 4 August 2020, the group released "Mike Townsend (Is a Disappointment)".[3]


THE SUN IS OUR ENEMY is the official zine of the Garages, edited by Allison Abbott and featuring contributions by various members of the organization.

Official Team Records

In Season 1, the Garages finished fifth in the Chaotic Evil division. Following the opening of The Forbidden Book, star pitcher Jaylen Hotdogfingers was the first player in league history to be incinerated.

Despite competing for a playoff spot for most of Season 2, the Garages finished with a 46-53 record, good for a tie for third place in their division. On Day 77, The Garage Opening occurred. The event has prompted some fans to use the phrase "the Garage Door is open to all fans", referencing both the event itself and "the liminal space between the excitement and disappointment that comes from being a fan of a Seattle splorts team".[citation needed]

The Garages kicked off Season 3 with a 13-7 road victory against their heated rivals the Hellmouth Sunbeams. Despite the Sunbeams benefiting from a fourth strike, Mike Townsend earned the victory, much to the shock and amusement of fans. Captain Theodore Duende want 4-for-5, while Allison Abbott and Avila Guzman each contributed home runs.


Following the opening of The Forbidden Book at the end of Season 1, some[Who?] began speculating that the entire Garages team does not actually exist. Proponents of this theory claim that the Garages players and their fanbase are "delusional, hallucinating, enthralled by the restless spirits of Seattle, or perpetuating a hoax designed to attack the heart of the game of Blaseball itself". The most prominent supporters of this conspiracy have been the Hellmouth Sunbeams.

Some fans and players speculate that Jaylen Hotdogfingers was actually murdered by the Sun rather than incinerated by a rogue Umpire, or that she is not actually dead.


The team slogan is most likely a reference to the song "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana.

Band timeline

<timeline> ImageSize = width:800 height:auto barincrement:15 PlotArea = left:150 bottom:100 top:10 right:50 Alignbars = justify Period = from:1 till:11.05 TimeAxis = orientation:horizontal Legend = orientation:vertical position:bottom columns:4 ScaleMajor = increment:1 start:1

Colors =

 id:l      value:rgb(0.167,0.251,0.459)  legend:Lineup
 id:r      value:rgb(0.5,0,0)  legend:Rotation
 id:ar     value:yellow  legend:Alternate
 id:sh     value:black  legend:Shadows
 id:in     value:yelloworange legend:Incineration
 id:fb     value:coral  legend:Feedback
 id:rv     value:skyblue  legend:Reverb
 id:pn     value:rgb(0.77,0.67,0.44) legend:Peanut
 id:br     value:red legend:Blooddrain
 id:py     value:gray(0.5) legend:Partying
 id:bls    value:brightgreen legend:Election
 id:bg     value:rgb(0.35,0.50,0.85)
 id:al     value:darkblue legend:Album_release

LineData =

layer:front color:in width:2
 at:2  frompos:190 tillpos:212
 at:3.04 frompos:322 tillpos:344
 at:3.47 frompos:306 tillpos:328
 at:3.74 frompos:468 tillpos:491
 at:3.80 frompos:175 tillpos:197
 at:9 frompos:248 tillpos:271
layer:front color:fb
 at:4.36 frompos:541 tillpos:564
 at:8.21 frompos:424 tillpos:446
 at:8.42 frompos:453 tillpos:476
 at:8.56 frompos:365 tillpos:388
 at:8.71 frompos:350 tillpos:373
 at:8.995 frompos:527 tillpos:550
 at:9.07  frompos:205 tillpos:227
 at:9.21  frompos:175 tillpos:212
 at:9.53  frompos:160 tillpos:212
layer:front color:br
 at:6.26 frompos:436 tillpos:449
 at:7.47 frompos:275 tillpos:289 
 at:7.62 frompos:568 tillpos:582
 at:8.58 frompos:261 tillpos:274
 at:9.99 frompos:275 tillpos:289 
layer:front color:pn
 at:9.56 frompos:289 tillpos:303
layer:front color:py
 at:10.91 frompos:524 tillpos:538
 at:10.93 frompos:274 tillpos:288
 at:10.93 frompos:289 tillpos:303
 at:10.96 frompos:274 tillpos:288
 at:10.96 frompos:245 tillpos:259
 at:10.99 frompos:245 tillpos:259
layer:front color:bls
 at:7 frompos:205 tillpos:241
 at:8 frompos:498 tillpos:520
 at:9 frompos:129 tillpos:141
 at:10 frompos:116 tillpos:138
 at:10 frompos:160 tillpos:176
 at:10 frompos:231 tillpos:242
 at:10 frompos:410 tillpos:433
 at:11 frompos:146 tillpos:161
 at:11 frompos:231 tillpos:242
layer:back color:bls
 at:10 frompos:160 tillpos:242
 at:11 frompos:146 tillpos:242
layer:back color:rv
 at:5.16 frompos:303 tillpos:596
 at:5.92 frompos:303 tillpos:596
 at:9.12 frompos:303 tillpos:596
layer:back color:al width:0.75

BarData =

 bar:MD text:"Malik Destiny"
 bar:TD text:"Theodore Duende"
 bar:AG text:"Avila Guzman"
 bar:FS text:"Farrell Seagull"
 bar:SP text:"Summers Pony"
 bar:LA text:"Luis Acevedo"
 bar:ON text:"Oliver Notarobot"
 bar:ST text:"Shaquille Torres"
 bar:CS text:"Cedric Spliff"
 bar:QE text:"Quack Enjoyable"
 bar:LR text:"Lang Richardson"
 bar:NP text:"Nolanestophia Patterson"
 bar:SB text:"Sparks Beans
 bar:OM text:"Oliver Mueller"
 bar:AA text:"Allison Abbott"
 bar:PM text:"Paula Mason"
 bar:PT text:"Paula Turnip"
 bar:BB text:"Bennett Browning"
 bar:TC2 text:"Tiana Cash"
 bar:GG text:"Greer Gwiffin"
 bar:TC text:"Tot Clark"
 bar:AH text:"Arturo Huerta"
 bar:RM text:"Ron Monstera"
 bar:DS text:"Durham Spaceman"
 bar:MT text:"Mike Townsend"
 bar:BT text:"Betsy Trombone"
 bar:JH text:"Jaylen Hotdogfingers"
 bar:DK text:"Derrick Krueger"
 bar:HM text:"Henry Marshallow"
 bar:OM2 text:"Ortiz Morse"
 bar:GM text:"Goodwin Morin"
 bar:LB text:"Lori Boston"
 bar:LM text:"Lenny Marijuana"
 bar:PM2 text:"Pitching Machine


 bar:MD from:start      till:end         color:l
 bar:MD from:5          till:end         color:ar width:2.5
 bar:TD from:start      till:end         color:l
 bar:AG from:start      till:4.36        color:l
 bar:FS from:4.36       till:8.995       color:l
 bar:SP from:8.995      till:end         color:l
 bar:LA from:start      till:8           color:l
 bar:ON from:8          till:end         color:l
 bar:ON from:8          till:end         color:ar width:2.5
 bar:ST from:start      till:3.74        color:l
 bar:CS from:3.74       till:8.42        color:l
 bar:QE from:8.42       till:end         color:l
 bar:LR from:start      till:8.21        color:l
 bar:NP from:8.21       till:10          color:l
 bar:NP from:10         till:end          color:sh width:2.5
 bar:SB from:10         till:end         color:l
 bar:OM from:start      till:end         color:l
 bar:AA from:start      till:8.56        color:l
 bar:PM from:8.56       till:8.71        color:l
 bar:PT from:8.71       till:end         color:l
 bar:BB from:start      till:3.04        color:l
 bar:TC2 from:3.04      till:3.47        color:l
 bar:GG from:3.47       till:end         color:l
 bar:TC from:start      till:end         color:r
 bar:AH from:start      till:end         color:r
 bar:RM from:start      till:9           color:r
 bar:RM from:5          till:9           color:ar width:2.5
 bar:DS from:9          till:end         color:r
 bar:MT from:start      till:7           color:r
 bar:MT from:7          till:10          color:sh width:2.5
 bar:MT from:10         till:11         color:r
 bar:MT from:11         till:end         color:sh width:2.5
 bar:BT from:9.07       till:end         color:r
 bar:BT from:9.07       till:end         color:ar width:2.5
 bar:JH from:start      till:2           color:r
 bar:JH from:7          till:9.07        color:r
 bar:JH from:9.21       till:9.53        color:r
 bar:DK from:2          till:3.8         color:r
 bar:HM from:3.8        till:9.21        color:r
 bar:OM2 from:9.53      till:10          color:r
 bar:GM  from:11        till:end         color:r
 bar:LB from:9          till:10          color:r
 bar:LB from:10         till:end         color:sh width:2.5
 bar:LM from:10         till:end         color:r
 bar:PM2 from:11        till:end         color:r


Retired Logos

Main Logo Alternate Logo Description
None Some people claim that this is the first Seattle Garages logo, do not believe their lies.
None The oldest recorded Seattle Garages logo. Dates back to 1926.
Not the oldest logos of the Seattle Garages, but close. The half circles are holdover from a previous logo inwhich the text itself formed the body of a tow truck with a crane on the right.
Logos from a transitional period for the Seattle Garages where, as a team, they began to start branching into the plunk and blunge rock scenes.