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In Season β9, the Seattle Garages finished third in the Mild League and fifth in the ILB. The Garages qualified for the postseason and were seeded 3rd. After eliminating the Philly Pies, the team was eliminated in turn by the Charleston Shoe Thieves, who would go on to win the title. The Garages experienced three feedback swaps during the season, this time due to Jaylen Hotdogfinger's permanent Flickering modification. In the Season β9 Election, the Garages won three blessings, maximizing shadows member Goodwin Morin, relieving their two worst hitters and two worst pitchers with members of their shadows, and giving Theodore Duende Spicy, along with a hitter from each other team in the Mild High.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation
Bench Bullpen


Roster Changes

New Lineup Post Day 12

Notable Games

  • On Day 13, hitter Summers Pony, who was  Reverberating after being hit by a pitch from Jaylen Hotdogfingers on Day 12, loaded the bases singlehandedly. (Watch here on Before).


  • On Day 103, the Seattle Garages began a series against the Philly Pies. The teams traded wins, bringing the series to a fifth game, where the Garages pulled out a win in extra innings, ending the series 3 wins to the Pies' 2. (Watch here on Before).
  • On Day 108, the Seattle Garages began the Mild League Championship Series against the Charleston Shoe Thieves. The Thieves won the series with 3 wins to the Garages' 1, eliminating the band from the playoffs. (Watch here on Before).

Election Outcomes



Two additional blessings affected the Seattle Garages:

Season Overview

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

World Tour

In Season β9, pitching ace Jaylen Hotdogfinger's saga continued as the Garages' act of necromancy continued to have repercussions. After being given  Flickering by the Microphone, Hotdogfingers and her recently  Consolidated Debt no longer belonged to just the band. On Day 7, Hotdogfingers swapped to the Philly Pies in the feedback, beginning a world tour across the league and embracing her role as an agent of chaos as she waited for the Microphone's plan to take shape. She briefly returned to Seattle on Day 21 before leaving for Canada (and subsequently Charleston) on Day 53.

Storm's Coming

A bar graph depicting the Season 9 Garages wins over .500 across the entire season and postseason. We'll suck forever.

The Seattle Garages continued their streak of winning seasons in Season 9, despite the implementation of the Band's unorthodox 6 person rotation. A early reverb helped to repair the loss of several key walkers in the past season, allowing the band to continue their small ball strategy to great success. New addition Paula Turnip, along with the ever reliable Oliver Mueller, led the Garages lineup and made up for deficiencies caused by the band's shifting rotation of middling pitchers. The team once again qualified for the postseason, where they once again faced the Pies, this time eliminating them before losing to the Charleston Shoe Thieves. After the Declaration of Fourth Strike, the wrath of the Shelled One loomed large over the league. The conflict came to a head during Day X when the Thieves, including Garages alumna Jaylen Hotdogfingers, faced off against the Pods. After Charleston's defeat and subsequent cursing, the league hunkered down to prepare for the rematch promised by the Nut.

Mike Townsend (is Back)

In the Season β9 Election the Garages experimented with Umbramancy. After hitter Nolanestophia Patterson retired to become captain of the band's cheer squad, she was briefly replaced by Mcdowell Karim, until it was revealed that Karim's call up was a clerical error, at which point they were replaced by with Sparks Beans, a barista from the stadium's Dunklin branch who was recruited by team captain Theodore Duende. Mike Townsend, despite opening a successful restaurant with fellow shadows member Terrell Bradley, also rejoined the active roster in exchange for Ortiz Morse, who wanted more time to pursue other ventures. Lori Boston also stepped down to join the Seattle Garages Mascot Union and was replaced by Lenny Marijuana, who had recently been drafted by the ILB after his contract expired. Following the election's ominous forecast, Malik Destiny leveled up to became a Fire Eater, perhaps thanks to deal-making on his behalf following his encounter with instability. Betsy Trombone also found herself accompanied by crows, who flew all the way from Philadelphia to rejoin her after her midseason trade, proving that the birds' love for Pies extended to Pierages as well. Team Captain Theodore Duende also discovered a new affinity for all things spicy after trying the new menu at Terrell Bradley's Hot Sauce Bar and Grill.

  1. This blessing incorrectly targeted Garages lineup players rather than pitchers. When the mistake was discovered, the blessing displayed the text HOLD ON before revealing the next two trades.