Seattle Garages/Season 4

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In Season β4, the Seattle Garages finished sixth in the Evil League and twelfth in the ILB. The team experienced one feedback and no incinerations during the season. The Garages received no blessings in the Season β4 Election.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation
Bench Bullpen


Roster Changes

Notable Games

Election Outcomes


One Decree affected the Seattle Garages:

  • Alternate Reality passed with 52,343 votes and 23% of all decree votes.
    • The Alternates are called.
    • They take their places.
    • Reverberations build...
      • Malik Destiny's Alternate was called.
        • +  Alternate
        • Combined 9.1 10.4
      • Ron Monstera's Alternate was called.
        • +  Alternate
        • Combined 11.4 9.2


The Seattle Garages won no blessings but were affected by the following blessings:

Season Overview

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Redemption Arc

The time of Drought preceding Season β4 marked a major sea change for the Seattle Garages. The devastating loss of four teammates during Season β3 prompted players and fans alike to reconsider internal rivalries. Faced with the very real possibility of death at any time, players resolved to value and respect each other despite their many disagreements. The band even reconciled with perennial pariah Mike Townsend and released a new single mike townsend (is a credit to the team) to commemorate both the band and Mike's changed perspectives.

In The Feedback

A bar graph depicting the Season 4 Garages wins over .500 across the entire season. We'll suck forever.

In Season 4, the Garages inched even closer to finishing the season with a winning record, continuing the gradual improvements of past seasons. With 6 thumbs per pitcher and hitting fueled by coffee grounds, the band was able to make an even start to the season and even dug themselves out of a midseason slump to finish out just under 0.500 win percentage. Midseason, fans and teammates bid farewell to barista and batter Avila Guzman after a surprise trade to the Miami Dale. Guzman was replaced by artist and intrepid explorer Farrell Seagull. While Avila may be on a cruise, fans are always excited to see her back in Seattle, and welcomed her with a standing ovation during the next Garages-Dale series. The Garages once again missed the postseason, a small price to pay after escaping the season unscathed.

Parallel Worlds

The Seattle Garages won no blessings in Season 4. However, the passage of the Alternate Reality abruptly replaced players Ron Monstera and Malik Destiny with versions of themselves from other dimensions, much to the surprise of everyone at the viewing party. Monstera appeared mostly the same aside from a different first name and an interest in Norse mythology. Destiny's alternate was more of a surprise. Despite having a similar family history and life story, the alternate Malik was a catboy hailing from a parallel dimension similar to the world of the Immaterial Plane, but with a few fantastical differences, including monsters which "Meowlik" made a career out of slaying. Destiny and Monstera were both able to keep in touch with their previous dimensions through one of Monstera's inventions, and the alternate Malik maintains that Blaseball is "just as fun" as adventuring.