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In Season β10, the Seattle Garages finished sixth in the Mild League and eleventh in the ILB. The Garages did not qualify for the postseason, breaking their four season streak. In the Season β10 Election, the Garages won the Dark Star blessing, replacing Mike Townsend with rookie pitcher Goodwin Morin. In addition, former LA Unlimited Tacos pitcher Pitching Machine joined the team after the defeat of The Shelled One during Day X.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation
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Roster Changes

Additional Blooddrains

Due to the amount of Blooddrain weather forecast in the Season β9 Election, additional blooddrain events can be found by expanding this section.

Election Outcomes



Season Overview

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Fight Gods

A bar graph depicting the Season 10 Garages wins over .500 across the entire season. We'll suck forever.

The forecast turned dark in Season β10. The threat of a second confrontation with the Shelled One loomed over the league, birds swarmed, blood fell and solar eclipses happened daily. Closer to home, alternate dimensions with nefarious purposes impinged upon Seattle. On the field, the Band was beginning to feel the pressure. The roster shakeups of the past elections proved to be too much. Despite a promising start, The Band's run production and pitching performances both faltered, falling precipitously in the second half of the season. Despite admirable showings by Greer Gwiffin and Betsy Trombone the Garages finished the season under .500, missing the playoffs for the first time in four years. As Jaylen Hotdogfingers fought gods once again, this time alongside the Hall Stars, the Band cheered her sabotage and ultimate victory from down below.


After the SHELLED ONE'S PODS' defeat on Day X, the players who comprised the team fell back to earth and landed on teams across the ILB. Jaylen Hotdogfingers fell to San Francisco and joined the pitching staff of the Lovers. In Seattle, the Garages were surprised to find a Pitching Machine had landed directly on their mound. It was welcomed by the Band and joined their pitching staff, increasing the rotation to a record seven pitchers. 

Operation: D.E.B.T. Collection

After the revelation of extradimensional embezzlement of fans' fundraising efforts, the Band launched Operation D.E.B.T Collection in an effort to retrieve the stolen funds from Dark Seattle. Despite early difficulties, the operation was ultimately successful thanks to the appearance of the recently empowered Secret Weapon Goodwin Morin. Morin managed to escape alongside the Garages and was asked to join the team after Mike Townsend's decision to once again retire from pitching in favor of his true passion, baking bread.

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