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In Season β3, the Seattle Garages finished sixth in the Evil League and thirteenth in the ILB. The team experienced a record four incinerations during the season. In the Season β3 Election, the Garages were blessed with Pretty Plz?, which improved hitting by 3%, and more Pseudo-Thumbs.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation
Bench Bullpen


Roster Changes

  • On Day 4, Bennett Browning was incinerated and replaced by Tiana Cash. (Watch here on Before).
    • Browning's incineration was initially hidden from Fans thanks to the The Shelled One, who appeared at the top of Inning 5 to chastise the perpetrators of Peanut Fraud. The only evidence of the incineration was a string of letters present above The Shelled One's declaration of BLASPHEMY. This string, JHFMTOJMNPSMLMDGFOSEZDTMJWHPADAACGRT, contained the initials of recently deceased players. Midway through the Blasphemy period, the letters BB were appended to the string, announcing the death of one of the three possible players: Browning, Baldwin Breadwinner, or Bates Bentley.
  • On Day 47, Tiana Cash was incinerated and replaced by Greer Gwiffin. (Watch here on Before).
  • On Day 74, Shaquille Torres was incinerated and replaced by Cedric Spliff. (Review here on Reblase).
    • Torres' incineration, like Browning's, was initially hidden by The Shelled One, who appeared at the top of Inning 7 to scold Fans over The Grand Unslam, which had occurred the day prior. When The Peanut disappeared, Fans were shocked to discover Spliff in Torres' lineup slot.
  • On Day 80, Derrick Krueger was incinerated and replaced by Henry Marshallow.
    • Krueger's incineration was also hidden from sight, perhaps due to the weakened Bridge post-Grand Unslam.

Notable Games

Election Outcomes


  • Pretty Plz? blessed the Seattle Garages
    Teamicon garages.png
    • Their hitting was improved by 3%.
    • The Garages won with 4% of the vote. The Magic had 24% of the vote. 11,495 votes were cast.
  • Pseudo-Thumbs blessed the Seattle Garages
    Teamicon garages.png
    • Their pitching was improved by 10%.
    • The Garages won with 33% of the vote. They were the highest bidders. 18,717 votes were cast.

One additional blessing affected The Seattle Garages:

Season Overview

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Gone Too Soon

A bar graph depicting the Season 3 Garages wins over .500 across the entire season. We'll suck forever.

The Seattle Garages entered Season β3 with more thumbs than ever before, totally unprepared for the events to come. After escaping the entirety of Season β2 unharmed, Season 3 was a season of fire. On Day 4, under the shadow of a screaming god, Bennett Browning[1] was incinerated. From his ashes rose a phoenix, 4 star batter Tiana Cash. Until the fire reclaimed her 43 days later, Cash, along with star batters Theodore Duende and Oliver Mueller, led the band to never before seen winning records. Cash's replacement, Greer Gwiffin also proved himself a capable hitter, despite being a deadbeat dad, but the band's winning streak was not destined to last. On Day 74, just hours after The Grand Unslam, the Nut returned and fire rained down on the Garages once more, this time claiming drummer Shaquille Torres. The loss of Torres proved to be too much for the band and their record quickly spiraled. A fourth and final incineration on Day 80 introduced the surprisingly capable Henry Marshallow, but the damage had been done. The scorched and demoralized Garages again finished their season with a record under 0.500, the hatred of gods burning in their hearts. The team did manage to end the season with a bang BANG, defeating the Houston Spies to send them to Party Time at the last second and igniting a longstanding rivalry in the process.

Three Thumbs Up

The Season 3 election brought substantial improvements for the Band. They received a coffee grounds buffet which slightly improved the entire team's hitting. However, the coffee grounds paled in comparison to a second Pseudo-Thumbs blessing, resulting in most of Garages' rotation having 3 thumbs per hand and ready to fight gods and face the challenges Season β4 would bring.

  1. Definitely not a bear.