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In Season β7, the Seattle Garages finished third in the Mild League and sixth in the ILB. The Garages qualified for the postseason and were seeded 3rd. The team beat the Charleston Shoe Thieves in a 3-2 series but lost to the Mexico City Mild Wings in a 1-3 Mild League Championship Series. The team experienced no major weather events during the season. In the Season β7 Election the Garages won the Blind Date blessing, exchanging Luis Acevedo for Baltimore Crabs batter Oliver Notarobot.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation
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Roster Changes

Notable Games


  • On Day 100, the Seattle Garages began a series against the Charleston Shoe Thieves. The teams traded wins, extending the series to five games before the Garages won game 5, ending with 3 wins and 2 losses. (Watch here on Before).
  • On Day 105, the Seattle Garages began the Mild League Championship Series against the Mexico City Mild Wings. The Garages won Game 1 before losing 3 games in a row, ending the series 1-3 and finishing their playoff run. (Watch here on Before).

Election Outcomes


Two additional blessings affected the Seattle Garages:

Season Overview

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A bar graph depicting the Season 7 Garages wins over .500 across the entire season and postseason. We'll suck forever.

After making it to the Internet Series and driving a tour bus to the Void and back to fetch a dead friend, the Seattle Garages were on a hot streak, ready to win again in Season β7. Star pitcher Jaylen Hotdogfingers was back, better than ever, and ready to lead the band straight to the playoffs. Well... mostly. Necromancy, it seems, has consequences. Fan favorite pitcher Mike Townsend had disappeared, although fans claimed to see his shadow from time to time. Hotdogfingers began to lose control, occasionally beaning players with pitches with a wild look in her eyes. Ruby Tuesday shocked the league as the breadth of consequences imposed by the Blaseball Gods in response to necromancy became apparent.

Splortswise, the Garages continued running a small ball strategy, to great success. Batter Theodore Duende lead the league in sacrifice flies, perfecting the "Seattle Shuffle." Band members Greer Gwiffin, Lang Richardson, and Farrell Seagull ranked in the league wide top 5 for walks, and their consistent presence on base once again helped power the Garages' RBI scoring strategy. The band was performing well and consistently winning, but all eyes were on Hotdogfingers and the curse she carried. In the Lateseason, that curse hit home when incinerations during Garages games caused instability to chain to Tot Clark and later, Malik Destiny. While both teammates survived, Hotdogfingers was shaken after witnessing the incinerations she caused firsthand, and vowed to find a way to pay off her debt. The Garages once again qualified for the postseason, where they beat the Charleston Shoe Thieves in a hard fought 3-2 series before losing 1-3 to the future Internet Series Champions the Mexico City Mild Wings in the Mild League Championship Series.


Compared to the tumultuous portents of the Season β6 Election, the Season β7 Election was fairly quiet. The Garages bid farewell to beloved vocaloid Luis Acevedo and welcomed surprise blind date Oliver Notarobot, a French Canadian synthetic man with a killer mustache. After the election, Oliver Mueller claimed to have gifted their Fireproof Jacket as a hand-me down to Declan Suzanne, who they allegedly ran into outside of Emerald City Clomic Con. "Declan just seemed so extremely unlucky, I felt bad for the guy," Mueller said when asked what had happened to their jacket. Sources from Chicago dispute this narrative.