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In Season β12, the Seattle Garages finished third in the Mild League and sixth in the ILB. The Garages qualified for the postseason and were seeded 3rd. The Garages began their postseason 3-1 series wins against both the Hawaii Fridays and the Charleston Shoe Thieves and advanced to face the Hades Tigers in the Internet Series. After a tense five game series, the Tigers emerged victorious, handing the Garages their third Internet Series loss. In the Season β12 Election, snackholders voted to Infuse pitcher Betsy Trombone and Plunder Fridays hitter Nagomi McDaniel, who was then Exchanged by the Boston Flowers, adding Alaynabella Hollywood to the Garages' Roster. Pitching Machine was targeted for exchange by the Ohio Worms, returning Mindy Kugel. The Garages were blessed with The Best Defense, which moved Goodwin Morin to their lineup in exchange for Alaynabella Hollywood.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation
Bench Bullpen


Notable Games


  • On Day 103, the Seattle Garages began a postseason series against the Hawai'i Fridays. The Garages took a two game lead in series, then dropped one to the Fridays before pulling out a narrow win in a pitchers duel between Lenny Marijuana and Gabriel Griffith to advance, ending the series 3-1. (Watch here on Before).
  • On Day 108, the Seattle Garages began the Mild League Championship Series against the Charleston Shoe Thieves. The teams traded wins to start the series, but the Garages pulled ahead, winning Games 3 and 4 to end wit a series win, 3-1. (Watch here on Before).
  • On Day 112, the Seattle Garages began their third (and second consecutive) Internet Series, this time facing the Hades Tigers. After winning Game 1, the team lost Game 2 to the Tigers, then repeated the pattern for Games 3 and 4, extending the series to 5 games. In Game 5 the team once again choked, caving to the Tigers' superior offense and losing the Internet Series 2-3. (Watch here on Before).

Election Outcomes


Two additional wills affected the Seattle Garages:


Season Overview

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

The Twelfth Trip Around the Sun

A bar graph depicting the Season 12 Garages wins over .500 across the entire season and postseason. We'll suck forever.

The Grand Siesta has ended and the Garages are back! The Band is picking up exactly where they left off: somehow turning a middling early season performance into a late season surge and another deep postseason run. Nothing has changed[1]. Greer Gwiffin and Paula Turnip were the standouts of the season, hitting 29 home runs apiece and leading the team in runs batted in. The Garages' large pitching staff, anchored by Arturo Huerta and Tot Clark, held their own and, after ups and downs in the early and midseason, the Band aimed once again for a Postseason Birth. Though the Garages earned another Mild League Championship pennant, their dreams of an ILB championship were once again dashed, this time by the Hades Tigers after a grueling five game Internet Series.

Goodbyes and Layovers

The Season β12 Election brought a lot of change to the Garages. Greer Gwiffin bid goodbye to the band and flew off for Hawai'i. His replacement, Nagomi Mcdaniel touched down at SeaTac Airport only to run into Alaynabella Hollywood, who had gotten lost on the way to the Boston Flowers' shadows. They agreed to swap places, allowing Mcdaniel a much needed break and giving Hollywood a brand new start in Seattle. After two seasons with the Band, Pitching Machine was also traded, and traveled to the Ohio Worms in exchange for pitcher and teacher Mindy Kugel. The Garages' rotation was also shaken up when Goodwin Morin and the just arrived Alaynabella Hollywood agreed to swap positions, giving Morin a chance to try her hand at batting after a couple disappointing seasons as a pitcher.

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