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Malik Destiny is a lineup player for the Seattle Garages, and has been with the team since the Return of Blaseball.

Official League Records

Destiny joined the ILB as a lineup player for the Seattle Garages with the Return of Blaseball.

During the Season β4 elections, Destiny's star ratings were completely randomized as a result of the Alternate Reality decree.

During the Season β9 elections, Destiny received the Fire Eater modification as a result of the Forecast: Eclipse decree.

Destiny hit a grand slam on Season β11, Day 36 in the bottom of the second inning against the Millennials, bringing the score up to 0-8 Garages.

During the Coffee Cup, Destiny played for the Milk Proxy Society as a lineup player.

During the Season β14 elections, Destiny received a combined stat change of 9.7 14.9 as a result of the Garages' Infuse Will.

During the Season β20 elections, Destiny gained the 2x modification as a result of the Garages' Magnify will.

During the Season β22 elections, Destiny gained the Skipping modification as a result of the Record Scratch blessing.

During the Season β23 elections, Destiny's hitting was boosted from 6.4 7.3 as a result of the Season 4: Precognition blessing.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

During the Season 2 elections, as a result of the Tacos' NEW Batting Boost Blessing, Destiny's Batting increased by one star.


Prime Reality Malik Destiny's self-created Blaseball card.
Art by @irisjaycomics

Malik Destiny was a human trans man born in Longview, WA. Destiny’s father is from Kuwait, and his mother is from Greenland. His parents both moved to the Seattle region separately before Destiny was born, and the two of them met at an art festival.

Destiny inherited a fondness for comedy and theater from his mother, who enjoyed watching live performances in Greenland and helped Destiny perform in a few small, local to Longview productions as a teenager. However, upon graduating from high school, he attempted to take his love for performance into his dad’s passion: surfing. He took to it like a fish to water, and earned the nickname “King of the Waves” in a few competitions, which inspired him and his parents to pick out Malik for his chosen name (meaning “king” in Arabic, and “wave” in Greenlandic.)

Unfortunately, after an undisclosed incident in XX18, Destiny developed a phobia of water, and quit surfing for good. He turned to his love of performance and focused on theater and music, along with getting involved with stand-up comedy. “I wouldn’t have picked Blaseball if I hadn’t met the Garages,” he told a reporter upon being interviewed outside the Big Garage at the start of Season β1. “My parents were never really into splorts, but we all really loved the band’s vibes, and both of my parents are really excited for me starting a music career.”

Destiny decided to pick up learning the oud after being gifted some records of sawt music by his dad. He became friends with Garages members Shaquille Torres and Lang Richardson, bonding with Torres over a shared interest in storytelling and video games and Richardson over a shared interest in theater. He played oud in the Garages band, and was also practicing playing the hurdy-gurdy.

Destiny collected many crafted weapon replicas, notably including many types of gunblade, as one of his favorite parts of theater was the mock fighting. He was disappointed to learn he couldn’t use any of the gunblades while playing, as the League banned him from using unauthorized weaponry as bats.


The Alternate form of Malik Destiny is a trans male catboy born to a Kuwaiti and Greenlander couple in Longview Fields, WA.

Though his original world had a few more fantastical elements, it still resembled the world of the Immaterial Plane, and his life took a very similar path to the original Destiny’s up until he tried surfing. He took to it like a cat to water, which is to say that his career was short-lived and gave him a deeper fear of water than he already had. However, Destiny and his parents still picked out Malik for his chosen name, with Destiny telling interviewers that he wanted to prove his fear of the water was something he could “conquer and take control over.” Destiny will also respond to any cat variation on his first name (ie “Meowlik”), as he thinks it’s a “fun gimmick.”

In his Prime Reality, Destiny was an adventurer for hire, taking quests from local residents to slay the mythical beasts that roamed the dense forests of the region, as well as doing various smaller duties he referred to as side quests. While Destiny took on a number of jobs adventuring, he favored the gunblade. He was also known for his prowess at fishing, despite being nervous about water. While some falsely assume this was due to his catlike love of fish, his father was a highly skilled chef who often used his son's fishing catches to prepare various Kuwaiti dishes like fish machboos. His heroic quest to track down the mighty Pacific Northwest Tree Kraken was cut abruptly short when he was swapped with his alternate reality self, but he decided that Blaseball was a good chance to try out a new skill.

After he was alternated, Destiny was dismayed to find out that this world’s Shaquille Torres was incinerated before his arrival. Destiny mourned the loss before finding comfort in the fact that the original Destiny had still spent time with them before they died. It’s theorized that this and the incinerations that came after Destiny’s arrival are one reason he took his job as a Fire Eater so seriously after the Season 9 Elections, but it has never been directly confirmed.

Destiny was inspired to get into music after years of hearing about the Greenlandic rock band Sumé from his mom. He was proud to realize he shared his chosen name with the lead singer. He tried a number of instruments, but around the time of his alternation to the Immaterial Plane, had been learning the drums and the habbān.

Both before and after his alternation, with the idea of “leveling up” his skills in mind, Destiny took to trying to learn a lot as he grew up. He took classes to build upon the portions of Greenlandic and Arabic language he learned as a kid, and has been trying to learn how to cook foods that both of his parents cooked when he was younger. He has been putting together a personal cookbook with recipes from his family for dishes like mashkhool and jireesh, and has started filling it in with recipes from some of his friends, including a recipe for choreg from Lori Boston, Mike Townsend’s homemade muffins and Terrell Bradley’s secret sauce recipe.

The original Malik as well as the alternate Malik both keep in regular contact with their families through a computer that has been hooked up to an interdimensional server, with the help of Ron Monstera. While the dial-up noise it makes causes Alternate Malik’s fur to stand on end, both he and the original Malik are glad to still have a chance to talk to their parents and share their latest adventures. Original Malik’s parents still worry sometimes about their son fighting monsters by himself, but are glad and proud that he has found something he loves to do. Alternate Malik’s parents often share their favorite recipes with him so that he can document them in his personal cookbook.

Later Discipline Era

During Season β7 and the events that followed the resurrection of Jaylen Hotdogfingers, Destiny was one of the more vocal members of the Seattle Garages that rallied behind the indebted pitcher. "Jaylen got hit by a curse, we just have to figure out how to undo it." This support of Hotdogfingers did not waver, even in light of having the Unstable modifier chain to him during the Postseason, after the incineration of Miguel Wheeler.

During the Season 9 Elections, Destiny gained the Fire Eater ability. He put this to use several times during the season, gloating each time he thwarted an umpire. Destiny attributes his newfound abilities to "leveling up", stating "well, I was unstable and survived so obviously I learned the secret technique of how to beat it!" Other rumors suggest that Destiny was given his fire eater status due to Jaylen Hotdogfingers' bargaining with the Microphone shortly after Destiny was made unstable, though there is no evidence to prove this.

Regardless of its origins, Destiny takes his role as Fire Eater surprisingly seriously, claiming it is his job to be the team’s “tank” now. “Before I was doing my job by getting us runs and hitting the ball real good, but now I can actually keep the team safe.”

Destiny is in an established open relationship with band member Nolanestophia Patterson. When asked if Patterson's shadowing has affected their relationship any, Destiny responded: “Why would it? She's doing her best to help the team however she can. I’m sure we'll find a way to get her back on the field eventually. Until then, having her leading our cheering has been great for everyone's morale! I know I play better hearing her get me hyped…”

Destiny has also been seen hanging out with Tot Clark outside of games, particularly after the Instability scares in Season 7. Reportedly, they’ve bonded over not being fond of water (with Clark citing that it’s a “sensory nightmare outside of showers”). Occasionally, people have reported seeing a third person with them, but neither of them remember being in a trio upon being asked. When Clark was incinerated in the beginning of Season 24, Destiny was the one to pick up hir husband's Memorial Pearl from hir ashes, saying that he’d “take good care of it until Tot could have it back.”

Destiny is perhaps best known off the field for his penchant to get into humorous mischief. It was once theorized that this is because he is part cat, but Destiny confirmed at an afterparty that his true reasoning for the shenanigans is to bring the team closer together and keep spirits up. His antics have also been a way for him to practice his comedic acting skills, and he and Lang Richardson continue to host a summer improv comedy class for the Li’l Roadies each year.

Destiny describes himself as an anarchist and often attends meetings of local organizations with teammate Allison Abbott, and later with Betsy Trombone. Alongside Oliver Mueller and Paula Turnip, Destiny took to helping out in the community around Seattle, which he often refers to as “doing sidequests.” These have included volunteering at homeless shelters, cleaning up trash, and—according to rumors around the city—singlehandedly funding any local indie performances in both theater and music with part of his Blaseball salary, encouraging more creative work. Destiny has also been arranging with workers at Whlole Foods stores to take food from behind the back of corporate to food banks, and in recent months has been helping with union organizing work.

During the Grand Siesta, Destiny took to hanging around The Hotsauce Bar and Grill, commenting on how much he missed cooking with his dad. Terrell Bradley, dad to all, happily accepted his help and adopted a few of Destiny's father’s recipes for the menu, while Destiny offered to be the official Rater of Spiciness, given his ability to eat fire.

Expansion Era

With the advent of Flooding weather in the Expansion Era, Destiny found himself facing his longtime fear of water. He took the many times that he was swept away by flooding as a challenge, and as a chance to grow. He still isn’t sure he’d be confident enough to try surfing the Flooding waves, but has been taking lessons from Ollie Mueller to give it a shot.

Alongside team archivist Magi Ruiz, the two have taken on a quest to track down all known copies of the music from Sumé. So far the two have been able to locate their first album, but their quest for the rest of their discography is ongoing.

After the Items system was implemented in the Season β15 elections, Destiny referred to it as an “inventory system.” Much to the Garages’ bemusement, this seemed to affect how the team interacted with their new items, with Destiny himself reporting that he “saw an inventory screen every time he closed his eyes in the locker room.”

Destiny offered to help with the Gunblade Bat Safety Classes that were required for Gunblade Bat use in active play by the League after Gunblades became a more widespread, commercialized form of bat in the Expansion Era. The league appreciated having help from someone so used to handling them, and rewarded his efforts with a magnifying glass, though he had secretly been hoping they'd provide him with a Gunblade of his own.


  • Some believe that a number of the balls that the Garages use to pitch are coated in fur from Destiny and Patterson, or perhaps are even composed entirely of it, but these balls strangely can never be found after games to do DNA tests on.
  • On Season 15, Day 94, Destiny returned from elsewhere scattered as --lik De-tin-. This was widely regarded to be very funny. Upon returning home, he was so happy that he promptly partied.
  • Despite being one of the better cooks on the team, he occasionally gets distracted by some interesting ingredient or a particularly badly timed beam of light onto the wall, accidentally leaving plastic in the oven or aluminum foil in the microwave.
  • Destiny has taken to feeding loose guitar picks to Pitching Machine before games, insisting that it will increase its performance on the field as a “power up.” Pitching Machine seems to have no issue with this, taking the picks regardless of which form it is in that day.
  • On Season 24, Day 82, while the Coin was in her final moments, in a game against the Firefighters, Destiny hit a three-run home run directly into the smoldering wreckage. This was regarded by Destiny and everyone there as “sick as hell.”

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  1. Destiny has never used a gunblade in any official league capacity. But he has dreams.