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THE SUN IS OUR ENEMY is a zine created by members of the Seattle Garages Blaseball club. The zine is edited by batter Allison Abbott.

Originally a single-issue commemorative project created by Abbott, Arturo Huerta, and Ron Monstera to commemorate Jaylen Hotdogfingers following her incineration, the zine became a way for the team to process their feelings about the sudden loss of a friend and team leader through a variety of artistic mediums. Following the success of the first issue, the team decided to continue making the zine, concluding that having a more individual creative outlet provided a boost to morale in the clubhouse.

The zine's name (which is always written in all-caps) draws its inspiration from multiple sources, according to an interview with Abbott. "Well, I mean, obviously, there's the fact that most of the clubhouse believes that Jaylen was killed by the Sun itself, but in there there's also the idea of owning the fact that we're the only team in the league named for an indoor location. It's also kind of a joke about the weather in the Pacific Northwest too. So, you know, it's got a multiplicity in there, that I think we as players were really drawn to."

The zine was briefly the subject of boycott in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada after Monstera wrote a positive review of Blaseball's Army, calling the book "an important reminder that Blaseball just isn't as good for players in other parts of the world."


  • Issue 01: DESTROY THE SUN[1]
  • Issue 02: ASHES TO ASHES[2]